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24 Jul, 2008

Six-week average recruitment gap

New research has found that on average, there is a 30 day gap between an employee leaving an organisation and their replacement starting. The recent report questioned 700 employers...

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15 Jul, 2008

Inflation at 11-year high of 3.8%

Rising food and fuel costs pushed UK inflation up to an 11-year high of 3.8% in June from 3.3% in May, figures show. The rise means inflation is now...

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08 Jul, 2008

Social Networking at Work

Businesses ignore the technology at their peril. Get savvy with this guide to professional social tech use. It can be easy to disregard social networking’s professional potential if you’re...

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03 Jul, 2008

Email and Passwords, the bane of IT workers

Password resets and email management are the top two bugbears for IT departments. End users in general and the support of remote and mobile workforces also feature high up...

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