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08 Jul, 2008

Social Networking at Work

Businesses ignore the technology at their peril. Get savvy with this guide to professional social tech use. It can be easy to disregard social networking’s professional potential if you’re only going on what you see on television. Between endlessly replayed clips where hysterical young men beg everyone to leave...

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03 Jul, 2008

Email and Passwords, the bane of IT workers

Password resets and email management are the top two bugbears for IT departments. End users in general and the support of remote and mobile workforces also feature high up the list of least popular chores, according to senior IT execs. Based on a series of interviews with UK CIOs...

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25 Jun, 2008

Workplaces to see more spats over after-hours work

Should an employee get paid for reading a BlackBerry at the dinner table, sending an office e-mail or posting a job-related blog at home? A spat at a leading News company over paying writers to check their BlackBerries on their own time recently raised the issue, and such a...

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06 Jun, 2008

Mobile Work is Decreasing According To UK Survey

According to an independent survey of more than 1000 UK office workers, mobile working is on the decline. With fears over jobs and the economy, more workers especially middle managers and below are shunning mobile working, preferring to be seen in the office regardless of whether that is the...

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22 May, 2008

IT Salaries rise by 4.1% report headhunters

A comprehensive study by headhunter specialists has found that Permanent IT Salaries in the UK have risen by 4.1% over the last 12 months. The in depth analysis of the IT jobs market which monitored over 11 thousand advertised positions in the UK during the first quarter this year...

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15 May, 2008

Germany leads European growth

Europe’s biggest economy, Germany, expanded at a stunning pace in the first three months of 2008 and strong French growth showed the wider region began the year far outperforming a near-stagnating U.S. economy. Many economists believe things have already started to slow and officials have acknowledged this, but official...

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01 Apr, 2008

BBC interviews MSC Headhunting

Friday 30th March 2008 MSC’s Director of Europe was interviewed by the BBC last week to discuss the escalating salary levels of CEO’s. We were delighted to be given the platform to debate this emotive subject and to have our research and commercial opinions brought to the wider public...

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17 Mar, 2008

Internet Tracking

The creator of the web has said consumers need to be protected against systems which can track their activity on the internet. Sir Tim Berners-Lee told a leading News company he would change his internet provider if it introduced such a system. Plans by leading internet providers to use...

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28 Feb, 2008

Why Microsoft wants to lasso Yahoo

A lot of excitement has been sparked by what could be one of the biggest deals ever in the technological sector, if it finally goes ahead. Amid fierce resistance from Yahoo, Microsoft’s initial offer of $45bn already looks too low – and it may end up spending billions more....

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28 Feb, 2008

EU fines Microsoft record $1.4bn

The European Commission has fined US computer giant Microsoft for defying sanctions imposed on it for anti-competitive behaviour. Microsoft must now pay a record 899m euros ($1.4bn; £680.9m) after it failed to comply with a 2004 ruling that it abused its dominant market position. The ruling said that Microsoft...

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12 Feb, 2008

EU to free Britain

Britain is to be the first EU state exempted from the bloc’s telecom market rules in areas with several networks, a reward for boosting competition by functional separation, a European Union source said on Tuesday. European Union rules require national telecoms markets to pass eight tests, such as making...

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05 Jan, 2008

Record 40 Million Germans With Jobs in 2008

A record 40.3 million people were employed in Germany last year, according to figures released by the Federal Office of Statistics. Elsewhere, however, there was further grim news for the German manufacturing sector. The record numbers of employment last year was the highest number since German unification in 1990,...

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03 Jan, 2008

North-South pay divide is narrowing for IT professionals

The North-South pay divide is narrowing for IT professionals as workers in the North are experiencing increasing pay in comparison to their southern peers, according to data gathered. Although, in most professions, Northerner pay fell by an additional two per cent in 2007 compared to salaries earned in London,...

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03 Dec, 2007

Google Can Now Find You

Google announced the release of a new version of Google Maps for Mobile, a two-year-old local search and mapping application that now employs cell tower identification information, not just GPS data, to locate mobile users. The new cell tower capability, which Google is calling My Location, will work on...

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14 Nov, 2007

Future directions in computing

Silicon electronics are a staple of the computing industry, but researchers are now exploring other techniques to deliver powerful computers. A quantum computer is a theoretical device that would make use of the properties of quantum mechanics, the realm of physics that deals with energy and matter at atomic...

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