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10 Apr, 2018

The Benefits of Manufacturing Headhunters

Making the perfect hire is like trying to find a needle in a haystack for many companies, which is why working with manufacturing headhunters is an increasingly popular choice. In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of collaboration with these dedicated recruiters. The economy...

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22 Apr, 2016

The next 5 most important questions – Part Two

Hopefully you have read my earlier article – The top 5 questions you should ask an executive Headhunter. If not then I will summarise the main subject areas that should be considered. What methods of headhunting does the firm offer? Retained or contingency? Fee structure Guarantees Promises Headhunting methodologies....

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01 Oct, 2014

International Headhunters open up new markets

The essence of any headhunting project is to take on a challenging assignment and find difficult to locate people. If it was easy the client would be able to source perfect candidates without outside assistance. Often Headhunters are brought in to locate specific individuals to open up new markets...

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17 Sep, 2014

The top 5 questions you should ask – Part One

So you have an urgent hire to make and you need to find someone from your industry and fast. You realise that advertising for the post won’t actually reach the true individuals you need from your competitors. The best people are happy and busy in their jobs hitting targets...

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21 Jun, 2013

How To Act When a Recruiter Calls

Recruiters, also known as Headhunters, are people designated by businesses to find new potential employees. These Headhunters can contact you in a variety of ways: calls, emails, meetings, career fairs and more. When a recruiter calls you on the phone, it is important that you treat the call as...

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21 Jun, 2013

5 reasons why you should use a headhunter

Whether you run a public sector, private sector or charitable organisation the benefits of using a good Headhunter will repay your business 10 fold. Whilst cost may have a major impact on the method of recruitment the results will speak for themselves. So lets start with the basics. What...

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05 Jun, 2012

Optimising Your Social Media Profile

  Headhunters are all over the place looking for new prospects for their businesses. You’ll become a very attractive option to them if you can optimize your social media profile to suit what they’re looking for. To do that, you first have to understand what a headhunter is looking...

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13 Aug, 2009

Headhunters would never advertise their jobs

As Headhunters it is our role to make direct approaches to specific individuals that work for our clients competitors. We add value by heavily researching and targeting senior people that are NOT actively looking for a career move and would therefore be unreachable by any other means for our...

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17 Mar, 2009

MSC Headhunting top 10 tips

Most companies use Headhunters to source specific high level key individuals who understand their market, the business and its products or services. These people often work for competitors or related organisations and are not actively looking for a career move. It is the Headhunters skill and expertise that enable...

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26 Feb, 2009

Should headhunters advertise?

True Headhunters would never advertise their jobs on a Linked in discussion board? This was placed on a number of Linked In discussion groups. As Headhunters it is our role to make direct approaches to specific individuals that work for our clients competitors. We add value by heavily researching...

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