uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

Helping You Source The Ideal Candidate For Your Position

MSC Headhunting has successfully placed candidates in senior roles for over 25 years

MSC Headhunting – Global Knowledge In Executive Search

MSC Headhunting is a trusted and dedicated world leader in Executive Search in Europe, UK and globally. Our team operates internationally and have successfully placed senior candidates in specialist executive roles for over 25 years. At MSC our large team of expert consultants with detailed industry knowledge that can identify and attract the highest achievers to your business. MSC have gained worldwide success across a diverse range of industry sectors, placing candidates in senior positions for many leading international companies.

At MSC Headhunting, we use a very individualised approach to ensure that we comprehend the specific demands of each client and can provide specialised solutions that align with their business objectives.

With our extensive global network and track record of success, you can trust MSC Headhunting to provide exceptional executive search services that drive results for your organisation.

We guarantee confidentiality at all levels of headhunting, our clients and candidates have the assurance that MSC Headhunting remain professional at all times. We use unique and trusted methods of research and networking and so we are able to source the very best people and most successful employees within any industry or sector.

Focusing on International Headhunting for Senior Executives

As experienced International Executive Headhunters, we can quickly and effectively find your new CEO, Sales Director, Country Manager or other senior level candidate to fill your vacancy in Europe, the UK or globally. We pride ourselves on our first class headhunting service with project and deadline commitment, total transparency and our dedicated headhunting team can be contacted 24/7 across all time zones.

Our proficiency in cross-border executive search ensures that we can locate and attract the top senior executives from all around the world, giving you access to a truly global pool of candidates.

MSC Works Within A Wide Array of Industries

At MSC, our headhunters work with industry leaders throughout the Energy + Renewables, Technology, Oil and Gas, Maritime, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Healthcare, Finance and Retail Sectors. MSC is a trusted partner that has gained the confidence from all of our clients and we have developed extensive knowledge and a large customer base. Our team of experts can offer you the assurance and commitment you demand whilst maintaining the highest level of trust throughout the project. However, our service does not end there: we offer three unique and unrivalled guarantees to all retained clients.

MSC has the determination and commitment to offer 3 unique and unrivalled guarantees to our clients.

We Offer Commitment And Our Service Is Guaranteed

Guaranteed Fully Screened

Deliver a fully screened shortlist of relevant candidates matching your role profile.

All candidates are interviewed by an MSC Director.

The Director writes a detailed report on each suitable individual.

Guaranteed Executive Search Timeframe

We can deliver any assignment with multiple roles within a guaranteed timeframe.

Accelerate the process for very urgent assignments.

Deliver a shortlist of candidates in as little as two weeks.

Guaranteed Long Term Commitment

All candidates are guaranteed in their role for 12 months.

(6 months for non-board level appointments)

This guarantee ensures long term commitment from our candidates and the MSC Headhunting client after service.

MSC Headhunters Will Source The Very Best Individuals For High Profile Positions In Your Company

Dont compromise on candidate quality by partnering with a recruitment agency or contingency Headhunter company. MSC have been successfully headhunting the highest achievers across the globe for over 25 years. Call us today on +44 (0)1565 757 877 or submit your urgent and confidential vacancy through our online enquiry form.

International Headhunting – What do our Clients Say?

Global Headhunters

Our dynamic and enthusiastic team of international consultants have provided the very best global headhunting services to our clients for over 25 years.

Retained Headhunting Service

MSC Headhunters have the skill, experience and reputation worldwide to deliver high calibre Directors, Managers and VP’s to innovative companies.

Global Clients

At MSC we work closely with our clients on every project, from large corporates to small start ups, and we pride ourselves on relationships with each and every one.