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Helping You Source The Ideal Candidate For Your Position

MSC Headhunting has successfully placed candidates in senior roles for over 20 Years

MSC Headhunting – Our Three Guarantees

MSC Headhunting are one of the world’s leading executive search firms. We operate internationally and have successfully placed senior candidates in specialist executive roles for over 20 years. At MSC we have a team of expert consultants with detailed industry knowledge that can identify and attract the highest achievers to your business. We have gained worldwide success across a diverse range of industry sectors, placing candidates in senior positions for many leading international companies.

MSC have the confidence and commitment to offer 3 unique and unrivalled guarantees to our clients.

We offer commitment and our service is guaranteed

Guaranteed Fully Screened

MSC Headhunting promise to deliver a fully screened shortlist of relevant candidates that meets your profile. Each shortlisted candidate will be interviewed by an MSC Director who will write a report on each of these suitable individuals.

Guaranteed Executive Search Timeframe

MSC can deliver any assignment that we accept within a guaranteed timeframe. For very urgent assignments, we can Headhunt and deliver a shortlist of candidates in as little as two weeks.

Guaranteed Long Term Commitment

All candidates are guaranteed in their role for 12 months (or 6 months for non-board level appointments). This guarantee ensures long-term commitment from our candidates and our after service.

MSC Headhunters Will Source the Very Best Individuals for High Profile Positions in Your Company

Don’t compromise on candidate quality by partnering with a recruitment agency or contingency Headhunter company. MSC have been successfully headhunting the highest achievers across the globe for over 20 years. Call us today on +44 (0)1565 757 877 or submit your urgent and confidential vacancy through our online enquiry form.