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uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

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Engineering And Manufacturing Recruiters

The recent recruitment statistics demonstrate how today’s UK manufacturing industry continues to be a vital part of this country’s economy, with over 2.7 million employees in this sector. The UK’s most productive sector has now re-entered the top ten manufacturing nation, overtaking Russia. However, this has only been achieved by investing in their people, which in turn drives manufacturing innovation.

We are able to identify the highest quality candidates from your competitors in the manufacturing industry through our knowledge and understanding. The entire recruitment process will be organised by MSC Headhunters in order to save you time, money and effort. This begins with our executive headhunters sourcing, identifying and locating individuals within your specific sector. Then our consultants will screen and interview them 3 times before an MSC Director presents the shortlist to the client.

By following this process we can ensure we provide only the most suitable and motivated manufacturing candidates that match your profile and expectations. MSC can also arrange all interviews and travel if necessary as well as helping to create an offer and successful acceptance. We then coach all parties up to start date and beyond to ensure everyone is content with the agreement, role and results.

As international headhunters, we work with a wide range of manufacturing industries across the globe, covering the following:

Aerospace, Defence & Security
Automated Production
Electrical Equipment
Electronics & Precision Engineering
Food Production
Industrial Production
Micro Fabrication
Paper & Wood
Process & Chemical Industries
Production Design and Equipment
Production Engineering

Our manufacturing and industrial team has supported a diverse range of organisations including automotive, food production, industrial engineering and OEMs. Our executive search team have real-world experience working within the manufacturing sector.

We have the capacity to handle all retained projects sourcing senior executives for large international corporations through to companies looking to expand in Europe or Asia.

To understand how our headhunting services have helped UK and international manufacturing organisations, we have provided some case studies below.

Industry Research

We have headhunted key individuals for a significant number of private businesses and government organisations. Some typical roles we have headhunted for include:

Managing Director
General Manager
Production Director
Plant Manager
Head of Production
Sales Director
Group Finance Director
Manufacturing Manager
QHSE Manager
QA Manager

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Industry Case Studies

Head of Production

Following an enquiry from a large Russian conglomerate, MSC was quickly contracted to headhunt for a new factory manager. After talking at length with the company owners and understanding the company and role in more detail we were able to begin the search assignment…
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Manufacturing Director – Paper Industry

Following an urgent enquiry from the private owner of 2 large paper mills in the Far East, MSC quickly drafted a contract promising to deliver a shortlist in 2-4 weeks. The client was in the process of buying a third location and needed a highly experienced person to set up the new site and manage the other two facilities…
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A large Far Eastern Manufacturer of Automotive parts was keen to finally establish roots in the European Market. They had previously sold on a small scale from their HQ but had now decided to make the necessary investment to develop the business. After a detailed consultation they realised that they needed to set up a legal entity in Germany and to initially hire a Senior local with market experience…
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    MSC has a proven track record of delivering successful appointments in a wide range of industries across the globe. We always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide the best service possible to the manufacturing sector.