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Retail Headhunting Case Study

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Head of eCommerce


A luxury brand retailer approached MSC Headhunting with a brief to source a Head of eCommerce. The high profile Italian design label had a basic online strategy but was losing ground to competitors particularly in international markets. The Far East and Middle East were locations that the company felt they could develop by adapting to these regional markets. A real technical expert with knowledge of brand marketing was going to be a challenge to find so the MSC researchers set to work mapping out potential source companies for the client to review.

The Consultants began confidentially approaching potential candidates all over the world that worked for competitor organisations with well-established eCommerce processes in place. There was a positive interest from candidates because many had built up the skills and experience in creating an online presence over the past 10 years and it was rare to hear of a new opportunity to essentially start up and create an eCommerce strategy for a well-known brand. The challenge was for MSC to narrow down the shortlist of suitable candidates and after only one month the best international candidates were put forward to the client.

The interview process with the hiring manager was a fantastic opportunity for the organisation to see how the competition were developing their eCommerce strategies and what was required in order for them to develop and implement an effective strategy. The successful candidate had a strong mix of technical and commercial skills enabling him to build a team and develop the IT infrastructure in line with the company’s objectives. The increase in revenue following the shift in the company’s online strategy is evidence of the impact of the new hire. Business is now booming for this client, particularly in areas where the company has no physical retail presence.

Client Statement

“They are open and honest in their approach with a commitment to provide a quality service. MSC Headhunters have delivered and guarantee what they promise.”

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