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uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

Media Headhunting Case Study

13 years headhunting experience

Head of Business Development – United Kingdom

Case Study

A UK based boutique ‘creative media production company’ contacted MSC Headhunters regarding a Business Development Executive they needed to hire. After meeting 3 Executive Search firms they decided to use our service mainly because they felt reassured by the legally binding guarantees. The position was urgent and confidential so once the profile was refined the research team set to work creating a source list of organisations and planning the campaign. The position required a candidate with a number of facets and so the skills needed were relatively rare but available in the UK market.

It was therefore decided that the search should be conducted mainly across Britain but we should not rule out Europe or firms in the US. Not only did the client need a high level commercial individual capable of managing complex deals, contracts and a small team but they also needed the technical skills to understand the latest film technologies, and web design and SEO. After only 4 weeks of searching a shortlist was created with the best candidates located in London, Manchester and Berlin.

The client interviews were arranged in London and after a first round of meetings they were torn between 2 of the best people they had met. Both candidates were brought back the following week to meet the company chairman and the team, and within 24 hours a decision was made. The successful individual was appointed based on their depth of experience, network and strong people skills. The team warmed to her immediately and liked her structured approach that was desperately needed after poor management in the department previously. The hire was a quick success as the company won their biggest contract after only 3 months of the newly appointed VP of Business Development joined the organisation.

Client Statement

“This vacancy was very challenging and we were extremely pleased at the diverse pool of candidates from which we had to choose. The MSC Headhunting team is professional and efficient, and we look forward to working with them again.”

Media Headhunters

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