uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

International Headhunting - We Have International Reach

Our multi-cultural and bilingual team can find the very best individuals for your vacancy

International Headhunters

International companies striving to grow and become more successful require talented people from around the globe. Finding these high achievers is a challenge and often very time consuming. MSC recognise that the most important business resource for the next decade is talent. However traditional hiring methods such as recruitment agencies, broadsheet job advertisements or a personal recommendation can only identify job seekers.

International Expert Consultants

MSC are global headhunters with an international team of expert consultants with detailed market knowledge that can attract talented, smart, commercial and technologically literate high achievers to your business. Our clients have come to expect the highest quality candidates from us for their specific needs through our professionalism and commitment. MSC are the only international headhunting company to offer 3 guarantees on all our assignments.

Over 25 Years of Experience

MSC Headhunters have successfully placed senior candidates in specialist executive roles for over 25 years. We operate worldwide and headhunt extensively across all regions, with offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. Our team of experienced consultants use their local and international resources through proven headhunting methods to always find the right candidates. MSC rely on expert knowledge of distinct geographies and cultures to ensure we identify the right people for each search. We have achieved international success around the globe and can find anyone, anywhere.

Contact us confidentially and securely to discuss your needs.

Our International Team

With offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands, our team of experienced consultants use high quality screening and evaluation processes.

We guarantee essential safeguards to protect confidentiality resulting in us sourcing the most successful candidates.

MSC Headhunting provide our clients with professionalism and honesty. We are totally committed to maintaining the highest standard of principles and business ethics.

How International Headhunters can help open up new markets

The essence of any headhunting project is to take on a challenging assignment and find difficult to locate people. If it was easy the client would be able to source perfect candidates without outside assistance. Often Headhunters are brought in to locate specific individuals to open up new markets or territories abroad. In some cases organisations sell on a small scale to a new International client abroad and they realise that there is huge potential if only they had local presence. Alternatively it may be that you are noticing a spike in demand from a new region or you have adapted a solution that’s perfect for a certain location. Perhaps it’s part of your global sales strategy to broaden your horizons and look outside of your domestic market. Whatever the reason for your international expansion a good International Headhunter will add immeasurable value and guidance to your growth plans.

MSC Headhunting Is Local to Your Target Market

By retaining MSC Headhunting to find a seasoned expert who is a local to your target market, you can achieve so much and ensure a positive outcome quickly. Hiring someone you already know may not always be the best solution, because you have no means of comparison, and the relationship may come with strings attached. Engaging MSC in a professional search assignment can bring people to the table that you would not normally have access to, especially if they are already working for the competition. We can open up a whole new world to our clients in so many ways.

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    Interview a Cross Section of the Region’s Best People

    First, entering into an executive hiring process gives you a window to the market. The MSC process will enable you to interview a cross section of the region’s best people, who can tell you about their experiences, client relationships and successful projects. As part of the later stages of the interview format, you could ask candidates to create a Business Development Strategy to enter this new market based on their local knowledge and understanding of the region. They should already be familiar with the right contacts within your client base, have a network or channel in place, and also know the language, cultural style and approach necessary to win business. This, of course will be evident by the success they have already achieved and the key relationships they can demonstrate.

    The best candidates on our shortlist will be local experts who are likely to be nationals of the country and will know how to set up a legal entity and which suppliers and advisors can be trusted. They will have the necessary access to a local infrastructure and inroads to the clients you need. Also they may be aware of funding, grants, trade agreements and with the help of high profile contacts – they can make things happen. MSC Headhunters will be able to identify and attract these executives in International markets as long as you can create an interesting enough proposition. Why should a high flier risk their current comfortable position? Well great candidates love a new challenge and many won’t be able to resist the chance to develop a start-up office in their market. Our candidates will be motivated by the opportunity to bring something new to their network and they will want the prestige of creating a success and having the chance to perhaps hire a team. Your only challenge should be selecting one of the fantastic shortlisted experts to help grow your business internationally.

    Should Your Company Be Using International Headhunters?

    Many companies are turning to international headhunters to help them fill job vacancies, due to the increasing difficulty in finding a perfect candidate locally and the development of business across the globe. International headhunters help to fill job roles by casting their recruitment net on a global scale, finding high-quality talent from around the world that companies desperately need, but which they often miss out on thanks to a lack of time to dedicate to the recruitment process.

    Using your time to focus on your business’s core skills and outsource certain tasks to others is one reason why working with international headhunters makes a lot of sense. However, if you know that the executive-skilled candidate you want to hire is in another country, inspiring them and their family to switch countries to come and work for you is not always an easy task. So why not let experienced recruitment firms take care of this for you?

    External Experts Make Sense

    A business can only really prosper by deciding where they succeed and when to ask for the help of expert and skilled professionals from outside the organisation. It is now the norm for companies to hire external experts to carry out certain tasks that their present staff is not equipped to deal with. What is of utmost importance is that you have the right resources on hand to carry out a job properly while enhancing overall business performance.

    The recruitment industry is rapidly changing and the way businesses recruit new employees is subject to ever-evolving market dynamics, especially now that we’re in the thrall of globalisation. Borders are less important when it comes to job hunting, leaving many firms competing for strong employees from the same international talent pool.

    Headhunting has become a separate service with massive growth and developments in the industry in recent years. The various needs of a business, and especially the need for the business to make the right hire, is why executive retained headhunter services are in more demand now than ever before.

    International Headhunting Explained

    Corporate firms need to use the right resources if they’re to maximise growth and efficiency. As hiring new employees costs money, it is imperative that a company matches the right candidate to the right role as soon as possible.

    The biggest challenge that a company faces when recruiting a new team member is using staff whose speciality is not recruitment. This means there are flaws in their methods when it comes to highlighting outstanding job candidates, and then convincing them to join the team. To resolve this problem, more and more companies are turning to international headhunters who provide high quality resources and significantly improve the odds of the company making the right hire.

    The second issue facing companies is that an increasingly tight labour force means there is often a lack of local talent available that can fill vacant job roles. Companies are having to look abroad for highly skilled workers, and this demands much more resources and time than would sourcing locally-based workers.

    Uncovering executive-level international candidates is not an easy task, and it is one best managed by professional and expert headhunters who have years of experience in the recruitment industry.

    Here are a few benefits of working with international headhunters:

    Headhunters Inspire Candidates To Make A Change

    If you do not fully understand the market dynamics and the constantly changing needs of industries, it’s a good idea to work with someone who does.

    One of the things that headhunters understand very well is that an organisation often goes about the hiring process in the wrong way. When scouting for executive-level candidates, it is less important that the candidate sells themselves to the firm and more important that the firm sells themselves to the candidate.

    One of the responsibilities of headhunters is to uncover the unique selling points of a candidate so that they can match them up to a particular post. Crucially, though, the headhunter is also adept at inspiring an outstanding candidate to change jobs and convince them that your position is the one they desire.

    This is an important point, because outstanding candidates are already doing jobs they are:

    1) Suited to

    2) Enjoying

    Convincing a candidate to leave their job for one in another country is one of the key roles of an executive international headhunter. They are very good at it, but not just this – they are also good at vividly describing the job and the new life that it promises to the candidate’s family, too.

    Retained Headhunting Grant You Exclusivity

    Companies can work with two types of headhunters:

    – Retained

    – Contingency

    The crucial difference between the two is that retained headhunters grant you exclusivity, while contingency headhunters do not.

    When working with a retained headhunter, you have to pay a percentage of the fee upfront. With contingency headhunters, you only pay once you have made a hire based on a candidate that the firm has offered you. As such, the retained headhunter is motivated to work 100% for you and only you because an exchange of money is guaranteed. Whereas, the contingency headhunter – unsure of the final result, and consequently of their fee – will not devote 100% of their time to you. Instead, you will have to share their time and resources with other clients.

    What this essentially means is that a retained international headhunter offers you a boutique approach, whereby you are their sole client. This suits the executive end of the market, which is the section of the market where potential outstanding candidates are not actively looking for new employment.

    Headhunters Understand Cultural Differences Between Countries

    One of the problems that you might have when trying to recruit top talent from another country is that you simply don’t understand a potential candidate’s culture, or the best method of recruitment in each country. Worse still, you might not be very adept at selling the new culture to them or understanding the potential problems they perceive with the move.

    As such, you might make the hire, but it might not work out because of a clash of cultures.

    A candidate needs a reason to move from one country to another, and they are not purely and simply driven by money. The candidate needs to feel at home in their new surroundings and, crucially, so does their family.

    Convincing a candidate to move to another country and settle in a new city is one thing, but keeping them and their family in unfamiliar surroundings is another thing altogether.

    International headhunters understand the differences that exist between countries and cities, and how to make this an opportunity rather than a disadvantage.

    Headhunters Have Expert Industry Knowledge

    As an example of a globalised industry that might want to hire an outstanding candidate from another country or even continent, let’s consider biotech for a moment. Biotech companies need very specific talent, and they usually have to look for that talent in a very narrow field.

    Searching for an outstanding executive-level employee with an unusual molecular focus, for example, demands a lot of energy, time and resources that the company themselves most likely will not have. It rarely can be done without the industry knowledge and expert help that professional retained international headhunters have.

    Recruiting is not something we can just pick up quickly. It is a learned art. Employees at top recruitment firms are fully trained and often have years of experience, which means their abilities easily surpass those who work in your in-house human resources team, and who you may be tempted to use to make your next hire. Headhunters have well-honed people and research skills, which makes it a lot easier for them to understand when the right person is not only properly qualified to carry out a specific job, but also that the right person will fit into your company culture.

    Headhunters are key to business success in our increasingly globalised world. They are now a fundamental link in the employment chain, and are helping businesses all around the world to make better hiring decisions today. They understand the market norms, as well as industry patterns, and they moreover have access to an unprecedented and constantly updated pool of talent.

    By working with international headhunters, you get a much better return on your investment.

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    We have a proven track record of delivering successful appointments in a wide range of industries across the globe. Our success stems from sourcing and persuading the very best people to work for our clients. Candidates and clients trust MSC because we deliver more than we promise. That’s why clients across Europe and the globe always return to us as you can see from our portfolio of customers and their references.

    MSC Headhunting provide International Executive Search services across Europe, Middle East, Asia, The Americas, Australia and Oceania.

    MSC has a proven track record of delivering successful appointments in a wide range of industries across the globe. Our success stems from sourcing and persuading the very best people to work for our clients. Candidates and clients trust MSC because we deliver more than we promise. That’s why clients across Europe and the globe always return to us as you can see from our portfolio of customers and their references.

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