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uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

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Why Choose MSC Headhunting?

Choosing an experienced European Headhunter company to partner with can often seem challenging, as it is difficult to identify who can provide you with the best service. This is especially pertinent when you are looking to fill a senior vacancy with a strict specification, confidentiality and extreme time constraints.

Throughout our 24+ year history we have successfully headhunted across the globe for a range of strategic roles with a 100% success rate. This has been achieved through our dedicated staff, industry experience and high level of quality control throughout every stage of our detailed process. Each individual project we undertake is treated with the highest levels of service and commitment. We pride ourselves on our exemplary work ethic, transparent reporting, accountability and communication – we work 24/7 across all global time zones.

MSC Headhunting are advisers to the European Parliament on Executive hiring matters. MSC is also the preferred supplier to several prestigious International VC Companies.

Choose MSC Headhunting as your Executive Search Partner through trust and reputation.

Trusted & Guaranteed Service

european parliament

MSC Headhunting are advisers to the European Parliament on Executive hiring matters.

100% Candidate Placement Success Rate
24 Years Retained Headhunting Experience
3 Unrivalled Service Guarantees

MSC Headhunters Can Guarantee The Highest Levels Of Service And Research

Quality Of Candidates

MSC provides the highest level of service: we proactively anticipate and respond to client needs and guarantee to deliver a fully screened shortlist of relevant candidates that meet your profile. All candidates are guaranteed in their role for 12 months (6 months for non-board level) or we will find a replacement at no extra charge.

Reliability And Speed

We deliver the agreed targets in a guaranteed timeframe and always endeavour to exceed expectations to provide a service far beyond the market expectation.

Quality Market Research

MSC Headhunting prides itself on the quality of its research capability. We continually update information on market sectors, competitor analysis and industry knowledge in partnership with our clients. This enables MSC to provide up-to-date information to our clients. Unlike other headhunters MSC, has its own internal research departments and therefore can adapt faster to clients and deliver projects ahead of deadlines.

Transparent Reporting

Throughout the duration of an assignment, you will receive formal written reports on our progress to date. These reports will include specific details on candidates whom we have identified, search progress summaries and our appraisal of candidates under review.

Exceptional Communication

It is vital for us to maintain clear and regular communication, both internally and with clients. We will identify and respect client values and needs, communicating them accurately to our staff and prospective candidates throughout the hiring process. We will provide key strategic information on any competitors which could benefit your organisation’s executive search.

Highly Professional

MSC will continually motivate and train our staff to deliver a professional service, with attention to detail and accountability for actions taken. The MSC headhunting team takes great care of our clients through a strict set of quality control procedures, to ensure that our approach reflects the quality of your business.

Our headhunting methods are cost effective and are proven to deliver on time, every time. Don’t waste money advertising your key vacancy through broadsheet papers or recruitment agencies as you will attract a large number of irrelevant job seeking candidates. Only a committed and reputable headhunting company such as MSC can deliver the best people from your competitors who are not actively looking for a career move.

7 Reasons Your Company Should Work With MSC Headhunting

Thanks to ever-changing market dynamics, more and more businesses are turning to executive headhunters to fill vacant executive positions. Freeing up time and resources, this ensures your company can focus on your core aspects, while letting the skilled experts take care of the recruitment process.

The demand for executive headhunters is increasing more so now than ever, as companies look to streamline their hiring process. Here are a few things you need to bear in mind if your business chooses to work with headhunters:

Choose With Care

There are two types of headhunters:
• Contingency
• Retained

Contingency are the least helpful if you’re looking to fill a high-end executive job role. Their fee is commission-based, which means you don’t pay them anything until the job is complete.

This has a few obvious disadvantages, but the stand-out problem is that the contingency headhunter will not give you exclusivity. Instead, you will likely be just one of a handful of clients that they are working for at the same time.

Contingency headhunters also work from a very limited database, consisting largely of candidates that have already been rejected by businesses in your sector. This means you often end up with second pickings.

By contrast, a retained headhunter requires that you pay a portion of the fee upfront. In return, they grant you exclusivity. This means they give you all of their time, energy and resources, and are 100% committed to matching up the best candidate for your executive job role.

Moreover, a retained headhunter has a broader and more diverse network of contacts on their database that is filled only with outstanding candidates, many of whom are not actively seeking employment. Subsequently, the executive headhunter will not waste time offering you candidates that have already been rejected by organisations in your sector. They have a lot more strategies and contacts than you could ever have yourself.

Consider Their Specialities

All headhunters have specialities. What you should focus on is a headhunter that is experienced with filling high-end executive positions.

As an example, there are some headhunting firms that specialise with lower-end positions. This is not what you need; they will not have the contacts for you.

You also should avoid headhunters that claim to be jacks of all trades, especially if your sector is very niche. We all know what happens when you stretch your business too broadly.

Specialist executive headhunters should not be generalists. If a headhunter advertises themselves as being generalists, you should take care to avoid them and instead find one that specialises in your field.

If you are not sure where to look, delve into your network of contacts and ask which people have used an executive headhunter in the past. This will also give you an idea of how many businesses use their expertise.

Carry Out Your Homework, Do Your Due Diligence

Just like you wouldn’t work with a house contractor without carrying out some background checks, you also shouldn’t work with a headhunter without doing your due diligence.

Not all headhunters are experts. It’s important to remember that the recruitment service is one of the fastest growing services in the world Businesses, both big and small are spending a lot of money on headhunters. The sector is flooded, and this is not necessarily a good thing. For a start, it becomes very hard for companies to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Before making a final decision regarding whom you’re going to work with, you should check out an executive headhunter’s credentials.

Here are some questions to consider:

What level of candidates do they place?
What industries do they specialise in?
Do they understand your sector better than you? (they should)
Which regions do they work best with?

If there is something you are unsure of, check. Do your research thoroughly. Don’t cut corners.

If you’re still not sure whether working with an executive headhunter is worth your time, here are a few reasons why it just might be:

Executive Headhunters Think Outside The Box

Many employers don’t think outside the box when it comes to recruiting new employees. They play it safe and sound.

Executive headhunters, however, occasionally throw up a few surprises.

For example, while you might not consider hiring from outside your industry niche for a vacant role, an expert retained headhunter won’t have any problem with overlooking a potential candidate’s lack of experience in your sector if they have the right transferable skills and attitude that would still make them the best candidate for your vacant job role.

If you are looking for someone to fill a role in the financial services, a headhunter might then look for a good leader who – though lacking experience in the finance sector – has an excellent track record of transforming businesses. Sometimes years in one sector does not mean an employee has the best knowledge. Fresh perspectives can allow businesses to reconnect to where they truly are headed.

Retained Headhunters Have Access To Passive Candidates

Retained headhunters have an ever-growing database of contacts who may be suited for your vacant role. In addition, they have access to people that are beyond the veil, so to speak. In other words, retained headhunters are able to establish contact with “passive candidates” who are not actively seeking a new job. It is this what makes them so essential to businesses in 2017.

When a company tries to fill an executive job role themselves without the right resources, they have access only to candidates who are either unemployed, or who are unhappy at their current workplace. These are candidates who want to come to you, and they may not always be the best candidates.

By profiling the outstanding candidates who are still in a job (the fundamental essence of retained headhunting), you are given a much better chance of making the best possible hire.

Retained Headhunters Are Now Smarter Than Ever

Thanks to the emergence of recruitment platform LinkedIn, executive headhunters have had to up their game to make their services appealing to companies like yours. They are innovators in recruitment processes.

Companies have become more adept at recruiting over the last few years, and the acceptable margin for error when it comes to hiring the wrong candidate has narrowed. As such, to be convinced that they should spend money on a headhunting firm, the firm in question needs to be able to show that they have got more creative and smarter in their processes offering something the company could not do themselves.

The top executive headhunters have stepped up their game dramatically. They have a more extensive list of top executives on their database, made their search for outstanding candidates more global and feedback from companies is higher than ever.

Headhunters Only Approach The Best Candidates

When searching for new employees to fill vacant executive job roles, a company would ordinarily limit their search to candidates who are actively seeking a new job, or who are currently unemployed. Rather than establishing contact with candidates who are not looking for a new job, they target only those that are.

Retained headhunters cast a different net. They look for the skills and competencies that are needed first, and then try to match up the best candidates, regardless of the candidates’ job status. A headhunter will first and foremost seek out someone who is tailor made for the role, and this often means that they contact individuals who are not actively seeking a new job. This means that you do not have to miss out on top talent simply because they didn’t apply for the role.

MSC Headhunting Specialist Sectors And Industries

The Maritime division supports leading organisations by recruiting world class talent.

MSC Headhunting is a trusted partner for the appointment of high calibre talent.

We have significant experience in the finance sector in finding strong candidates.

We work with leading healthcare organisations in placing senior executives across Europe.

Oil and Gas
Our dedicated Oil and Gas team recruit executives across the globe.

MSC is a long and trusted partner in identifying exceptional candidates for our automotive clients.

Our experienced media division helps worldwide organisations hire the best talent.

MSC place senior candidates throughout the marketing sector for leading corporations.

Energy & Renewable
Our team helps global business and government organisations find the very best talent.

We place senior management across the Legal sector, specialising throughout Europe.

Our experienced teams help find exceptional candidates for the retail sector.

Our Manufacturing headhunters deliver an exceptional service to the manufacturing sector.