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uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

Maritime Headhunters

Maritime shipping industry is responsible for about 90% of global trade. With over 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally, the world fleet is manned by over a million seafarers. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is leading global maritime safety regulations.

Without shipping the worlds imports and exports would cost considerably more. Maritime trade continues to expand, bringing benefits for consumers across the globe through competitive freight costs. Furthermore, shipping is considered the least environmentally damaging mode of transportation.

As specialists in the maritime industry we have placed senior executives worldwide for Ports & industrial zones/ canal authorities, shipping companies, traders, marine consultancies, terminals (marine and river). We pride ourselves on our extensive global network and experience within the maritime sector. Our proven track record of attracting and hiring the very best candidates eliminates any risk. Our worldwide knowledge of the maritime sector has enabled us to connect with the key players.

We provide headhunting services in the following areas:

Port Authority
Shipping Companies
Marine Surveying
Cruise Lines
Insurance Specialists
Safety Managers
Naval Architects
Industrial Zones
Offshore Oil, Wind & Gas

MSC Headhunting focuses on senior leadership and management positions on retained fee basis only. Our process will provide you with the highest quality of Headhunting services attracting the very best candidates within the Maritime sector.

Our maritime headhunters have the capacity to handle all retained projects relating to this sector originates from the work we have done over the years with a great number of international companies. Our teams always work to the highest standards providing a fast, effective and guaranteed service to customers that need industry experts with extensive specialist knowledge of maritime.

To understand how our headhunting services have helped worldwide maritime companies, we have provided some case studies below.

Global Headhunting

We have headhunted key individuals for a significant number of private businesses and government organisations. Some typical roles we have headhunted for include:

Chief Marine Services Officer
Naval Architect
Technical Superintendent
Finance Director
Ship Operator
Executive Vice President Ports
Chartering and Operations Manager
European Sales Manager

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Why You Should Hire Maritime Headhunters

If you have a maritime job opening, then working with maritime headhunters can quickly help you fill the position with the perfect person.

According to an article in The Economist magazine, hiring is the single biggest thing businesses today can improve upon. The hiring process can be hard to navigate and time-consuming for those without inside knowledge. It takes up precious resources, and the so-called “perfect match” that companies strive for isn’t always out there. Often businesses use an ineffective plan of action or put very little thought into what would be the most effective method to get that ideal candidate signed.

Basically, too many small (and even large) businesses hire the wrong people.
Having less than ideal employees wastes both time and money, slowing down productivity and growth. When your hiring process is weak, it sometimes takes two or even three tries to find the right person.

There are two ways you can reduce your margin of error and hire the right person for the job on your first attempt.

Revise your hiring strategy (which takes plentiful time, research and effort);


Work with maritime headhunters (which do the hard work for you).

Trusting others with an aspect of your business is a difficult decision, but allowing experts to make the best hire for you gives you time to focus on what your company does well. Here are a few reasons why you should work with retained maritime headhunters to make a better hire today:

Headhunters Put in the Effort for You

There are two types of headhunting firms:

– Retained

– Contingency

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but retained headhunters have a much bigger “upside” to offer.

One of their biggest advantages is that you pay a proportion of the fee upfront. This ensures 100% commitment from the company to work towards finding the right candidate. You are in control.

As such, the headhunting firm will dedicate themselves around the clock to helping you make a great hire. You and your staff can then focus on what matters most, resting assured that the hiring process is being taken care of by those in the know.

Headhunters Find the Best Candidates for Your Organization

In most cases, when a job is posted, dozens of prospective employees respond, even if they’re not good matches for the required position. Consequently, sifting through all the applications becomes a lengthy process, meaning it’s easy to miss the best candidates in the crowd amongst the sea of candidates.

The problem lies with the job advert itself. Are you targeting the right audience? Outstanding candidates don’t apply for jobs – they are usually headhunted.

Working with headhunters gives you access to the best talent out there. Headhunting firms cut through the noise and find candidates who are best suited for the role you need to fill.

Maritime Headhunters Are the Best at Describing and Defining Positions

Even though you are familiar with the position you need to fill for your own company, sometimes it’s difficult to translate that into words to attract prospective employees. Headhunters are adept at defining and describing both the work to be done and communicating the requirements that your organization is seeking to meet. The headhunters know the right “buzzwords” and can make your job stand out to the people who need to see it.

When a job opening is described expertly by headhunters, it increases the likelihood that it will get filled by the right candidates.

Headhunters Work Quickly

When your company is in a hiring stance, the process can eat up a lot of your staff’s time.

We all know that with experience comes efficiency. Expert retained recruitment firms work fast, as this is something they do every day. They know that leaving a position vacant for too long can cost you a lot of money and so they make sure to get the hire done with precision and speed.

Headhunters Know How to Convince Talent

It’s important to remember that just as there are many job seekers out there, there are just as many companies competing with you for the best workers. You want to attract the attention of the crème de la crème. Headhunters are the experts when it comes to selling your company to cream of the talent crop.

Sometimes the biggest hesitation from an outstanding client is his or her own family considerations. Headhunters have dealt with this situation many times before, assisting with the mediation process. They have the ability to convince the candidate that this move is in the best interests of all involved and how much of an opportunity your job is for them.

These are just a few reasons why working with maritime headhunters means you’ll end up with a top employee on your team. Think about it, they’ll do the all-important legwork for you.

Good luck with finding that star candidate.

Industry Case Studies

VP Operations
Far East

Having searched for 3 months unsuccessfully for a new VP Operations, a prestigious Private Ports company in the Far East contacted MSC to help with their search. The organisation required a highly knowledgeable maritime executive with a wealth of experience in dealing with Port Authorities, shipping lines, oil and gas transportation and container terminals…
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Managing Director
Hong Kong

A well known International Marine Consultancy were looking to hire an experienced Managing Director to set up their new Hong Kong office. The company had a US and several European offices and a well established client base that required services in the Far East…
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Tell Us About Your Vacancy

MSC maritime headhunters have a proven track record of delivering successful appointments in a wide range of governments and organisations across the globe. Our success stems from sourcing and persuading the very best people to work for our clients. Candidates and clients trust MSC Headhunters because we deliver more than we promise. That’s why clients across Europe and the globe always return to us as you can see from our portfolio of customers and their references.