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uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

Manufacturing Headhunting Case Study

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Geschäftsführer (Managing Director) – Automotive, Germany

Case Study

A large Far Eastern Manufacturer of Automotive parts was keen to finally establish roots in the European Market. They had previously sold on a small scale from their HQ but had now decided to make the necessary investment to develop the business. After a detailed consultation they realised that they needed to set up a legal entity in Germany and to initially hire a Senior local with market experience. MSC Headhunting was quickly retained to search for a Geschäftsführer (Managing Director) followed by a sales manager plus a team of Key account Managers.

As the client manufactured very specialist Automotive parts it was imperative that the candidates MSC approached had this specific knowledge and technical understanding. Therefore the initial research phase was crucial in identifying relevant companies from where to source candidates from. All parties required mutual confidentiality due to their high profile positions as well as the clients need to keep their plans secret from the competition. Over 80 industry executives were approached for this position within the German market throughout this process and the best 10 individuals were interviewed locally and confidentially.

After only 4 weeks MSC presented the client with a shortlist of the most suitable, qualified and motivated candidates that were interested in making a move and had relevant network that would ensure swift traction in the market. Following local client interviews the favourite candidate was sent to the companies HQ to meet the senior management and to view the factories and production facilities. He was presented with a contract and resigned upon his return to Europe and thankfully did not have to work his full 6 months notice period thanks to careful negotiations. This enabled MSC to begin the second phase of the assignment which involved working with the new Managing Director to help hire a sales manager and team of 8 Key Account Managers.

These specialist sales engineers were located across the entire German speaking region (D-A-CH) as well as the Nordics, The Netherlands, France, Eastern Europe and the UK. Following an extensive search, shortlists were provided for each country and the Managing Director interviewed all candidates in their respective countries and then the finalists were brought to the companies new German office before being offered the job. Within 4 months MSC had successfully enabled this client to hire an MD as well as sales team which ensured a sales pipeline within the first year of establishing the business in Germany.

Client Statement

“MSC Headhunting provided us with everything they promised and within a very fast time frame. Now that we have a sales team the company already has some prestigious client references here in Europe and so is generating revenue after less than a year.”

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