uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

UK and International Legal Headhunters

The UK legal sector grew 8% last year and is now worth £26bn. An estimated 370,000 people are employed in legal services in the UK. Sixty three per cent (63%) are solicitors or employed by solicitor firms.

In recent years, the legal industry has experienced a global paradigm shift in the delivery model for legal services. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is transforming law practice as law firms strive to minimise costs and expand their corporate talent. Law firms are expanding across borders, collaborating with foreign counsel and forming intercontinental mergers. We have seen a large increase for international law candidates from organisations changing demographics, attitudes and work styles.

The Legal search executive headhunters at MSC provide a discrete and professional service, targeting individuals of superior quality that our research indicates are the best in the legal sector.

Our headhunting services run far deeper than your expectations. We provide a research team who feed up to date information to our headhunters ensuring that we contact the most suitable legal sector candidates for your requirements.

Our thorough process requires each individual to attend three interviews with MSC prior to the final interview with our client. We only send the successful candidates to the final interview stage ensuring you see only the top-notch legal sector candidates.

We work with a wide range of legal organisations across the globe in public and private sectors, covering the following:

Crown Prosecution Service
Government Legal Service

As we continually research client needs and develop our services we are constantly striving to provide the best headhunting services to you. In an ever-changing environment we ensure our pro-active and responsive approach to the healthcare sector provides the highest quality candidates. Our executive search team maintains regular communications with our clients and healthcare candidates so that we are fully informed of client requirements and as a result, seek out the most suitable healthcare candidate for that role.

There is speculation about a Brexit conclusion for lawyers in unravelling the legal complexities of any changed relationship with the EU – but the longer term effects are unclear. Any legal business will require key individuals with the right skills to address short and long term brexit implications. Our capacity to handle all retained projects relating to these sectors comes from the work we have done over the years with a great number of UK and international companies.

Unlike the industry norm of relying on databases to gather information, at MSC we work on a purely research based nature strategy. By working in this way, we guarantee the most current top class candidates to suit your requirements.

To understand how our headhunting services have helped UK and international legal organisations, we have provided a case study below.

Legal Professionals

We have headhunted key individuals for a significant number of private businesses and government organisations. Some typical roles we have headhunted for include:

Managing Director
Chief Executive
Finance Director
Director of Public Health
Head of Safeguarding
Director of Audit and Regulation
Head of External Affairs
Head of Clinical Practice
Pharmaceutical Manager
Marketing Manager

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Industry Case Study

International Lawyer

MSC was approached by a large US health food manufacturer looking to hire a senior and experienced International Lawyer. The main remit of the role was initially to ensure the products complied with EU food labelling and ingredients laws, however the scope was to become broader after initial discussions. As this was the organisation’s first European Management hire in Europe the negotiation process with MSC guided and clarified the objectives and goals of the company. Our meeting raised many issues the firm had not previously considered and enabled us to draft a role profile that provided some clarity and also scope for the development of the business and for the successful candidate.

The company required strategic guidance on locations, organisational structure, legal entity creation and employment law which MSC was able to provide as part of the headhunting service. Through this early consultancy process MSC secured the contract to search for Legal Counsel for this interesting client and began work immediately.

After several weeks of searching, a shortlist of fully screened candidates was submitted to the client. They telephone interviewed all 5 individuals and flew the preferred candidate to HQ in the US the following week. He spent 4 days meeting the executives and team and visiting some of the manufacturing locations before being offered the position. Upon joining his new employer, the candidate quickly set up a limited company in the UK, created structure and reporting tools for the small sales team and began to grow the business commercially as well by creating a strong legal framework.

After only 6 months he was offered a GM Europe role and this enabled him to develop the business’ most successful region outside of the UK and many of the processes became best practice throughout the entire organisation.

Client statement

“I have always been impressed with the quality of service I have received from MSC Headhunting. They are professional, reliable & efficient and most important – truthful. This alone sets them out from much of their competition.”

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    MSC has a proven track record of delivering successful appointments in a wide range of industries across the globe. Our success stems from sourcing and persuading the very best people to work for our clients. Candidates and clients trust MSC because we deliver more than we promise. That’s why clients across Europe and the globe always return to us as you can see from our portfolio of customers and their references.