uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

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Headhunting in Technology

Information Technology, software and computer sciences is an evolving and important economy with year on year growth. It is estimated that over 30% of UK jobs are within the tech or related industry. We recognise the continuous and dynamic evolution of this industry and that businesses constantly require skilled and experienced candidates.

At MSC we have extensive knowledge of hiring a vast array of executives for Venture Capital and Technology companies worldwide. MSC have placed C-Level candidates, VP’s, Managing Directors and specialists within technology organisations.

Our executive headhunters carry out thorough screenings within the technology sector and have a rigorous selection process to ensure we provide only the highest quality candidate for your requirements. It is vital in the ever-changing IT market that we can provide committed and high calibre candidates who will have the skill and experience to deliver results.

Our technology recruitment process ensures that only the most compatible candidate is contacted for your executive profile and this always managed confidentially. We research each individual to ensure their experience, ability, credentials, market knowledge and motivation to ensure they adapt quickly to your team, business culture and customers.

At MSC we provide headhunting services in the following areas:

Artificial Intelligence
Electrical Engineering
Gaming & Gambling
Information Systems
Information Technology

MSC Headhunting focuses on senior leadership and management positions on retained fee basis only. Our process will provide you with the highest quality of Headhunting services attracting the very best candidates within the Tech and related industries.

As a specialist headhunting firm within the Information Technology industry, it is important to truly understand the requirements of this ever-evolving sector. When we began in 1998 our prime focus was within the tech industry, therefore we have a deep knowledge of the IT sector, enabling us to research and collate quality candidates and effectively target only the best individuals.

To understand how our headhunting services have helped worldwide technology companies, we have provided some case studies below.

UK Headhunting

For over 20 years we have headhunted key individuals for  private businesses and government organisations. Some typical roles we have headhunted for include:

Chief Technology Officer (CEO)
Information Technology Director
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Head of Commercial
Executive Director
Creative Director
Head of Software Design
Technical Sales Manager
Head of Digital
Software Engineer
Analytics Manager
Systems Analyst
Network Manager

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Industry Case Studies

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Data Encryption Solutions
United States of America

MSC was approached by the Chairman of this US Data Encryption firm as they were keen to confidentially hire a new international CEO from the IT security marketplace. The company was a relatively small but established business with a strong solution and secured some interesting key customers in the US only….
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VP EMEA Sales – Anti Spam / Email Security Solution

After being urgently contacted by the VP of HR at a world-leading email security company we quickly realised their requirement was mission critical. The client required a shortlist in 2 weeks and the role was very specific – VP of Sales for the EMEA region….
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Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Leading eCommerce Platform Provider

A well-known international high profile eCommerce platform provider had recently lost their CTO to a competitor and so needed help to find a replacement. After preparing a detailed proposal MSC won the bid against 2 other firms based on the reassurance our 3 unique guarantees provided to the client…..
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    MSC Technology Headhunters has a proven track record of delivering successful appointments in a wide range of industries across the globe. Our success stems from sourcing and persuading the very best people to work for our clients. Candidates and clients trust MSC because we deliver more than we promise. That’s why clients across Europe and the globe always return to us as you can see from our portfolio of customers and their references.