uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

Headhunters for Chinese companies

MSC Headhunters is an International executive recruitment firm, helping businesses from China to find International staff. Often, we are contacted, to assist with hiring employees, for our Chinese clients who want to enter Europe to set up a brand-new division. The MSC headhunting team works with customers all over China, adapting to their time zones and learning about their corporate needs. We are given a list of requirements and asked to go and find staff from our client’s competitors in Europe. By using our service, you can ensure the fast and successful growth of your business in a new market, as MSC can help you establish your company in Europe quickly.

MSC Headhunters has over 24 years’ experience in helping Chinese companies to hire staff throughout Europe and the world. This is as a result of our strong reputation and track record of success. MSC Headhunters are advisors to the European Parliament, and we have worked with large corporates, small start up’s as well as public sector clients. We can find any type of skill and background from anywhere around the globe. Also, the MSC team can help to find staff who want to relocate to China if the client needs someone with a specialist skill.

MSC Headhunters can help Chinese companies to find people in the following sectors:-

Industrial, Maritime, Renewable Energy, Technology, Automotive, Legal, Finance, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Healthcare, Finance and Retail Sectors.

By retaining MSC headhunters you can feel confident that we will find the industries best candidates for your business. Every project is designed around your requirements, and we make sure that candidates have exactly the skills you need for the successful growth of your business in a new market.

Whatever you are looking for; urgent hiring, high profile executives, specialist hard to find skills, we can help with these challenging recruitment needs. Successful candidates are very difficult to reach as they are too busy and have no need to apply for a new position or look at job adverts. Therefore, headhunting is the only way to find and attract these high profile individuals. Here at MSC we can find you the most difficult to locate people, via our team of expert in house researchers. The consultants will then attract them to your role and lead them through our detailed hiring process, building a long-term, trusted relationship for both parties to feel confident. This is especially necessary for candidates who are required to relocate or move to a new company entering their geographical market.

MSC Headhunters is the only executive search firm, globally, to offer three guarantees of success.

Firstly, we are bound to deliver a fully screened shortlist of relevant candidates that match the clients role profile.

Secondly, we can guarantee to present the shortlist within a pre-agreed timeframe. This can be anything from two to six weeks depending on the client requirements and also the feasibility of the project.

Finally, we are so confident in our method and capabilities that all selected candidates are guaranteed in their role for 12 months.

MSC Headhunters can assure this because we only accept projects that we believe can be delivered. The intensity of work on all assignments is challenging and our teams work rigorously on every tailor-made assignment to ensure success. The MSC researchers generally identify up to 100 candidates per role in order to be able to consider a wide array of relevant professionals with different technical and personal skills. From the initial 100 candidates that are approached, we narrow the list down to the best 3-5 individuals who will be part of the final shortlist, a consultant will then screen the next level candidates and select the finalists. In the final phase an MSC Director conducts both technical and personal detailed interviews to write an extensive report on each successful shortlisted candidate.

At the end of this phase of the process we are always confident in delivering the best individuals available in the market.

MSC Headhunters are the most trusted reliable and well-known Headhunting organisation for both Chinese Companies and International Candidates. We can help to solve your hiring challenges, whether you require International personnel for your domestic operations in China or to create a new division abroad; MSC Headhunters, can find anyone, anywhere.

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