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Technology Headhunters Case Study

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – United States Of America

Case Study

MSC Headhunting was approached by the Chairman of this US Data Encryption firm as they were keen to confidentially hire a new international CEO from the Information Technology security marketplace. The company was a relatively small but established business with a strong solution and secured some interesting key customers in the US only. They were looking for Venture Capital funding and therefore needed an international CEO to create a sound strategy and team to deliver worldwide growth without the current reliance on the US government market alone.

MSC were quickly retained by the client with a brief of finding an internationally experienced CEO with data security solutions knowledge. They needed a candidate who was also able to bring a cohesive international sales team to implement the strategy, deliver fast results and further develop the brand and service.

In just over a month MSC Headhunters had a fully interviewed shortlist of 5 highly talented and motivated candidates from the IT Security world. These individuals were from Europe, the US and one from Asia Pacific. All of them had a track record of successfully managing worldwide teams and they each had the strategic and technical skills to take our client’s business forward to the next level of growth.

One of the European candidates was soon hired and relocated to the US to strengthen the existing team at HQ and globally. This expansion was enabled by the VC funding which was soon secured across 3 stages based on the pre-agreed targets that were all achieved on time. The company now operates with offices and teams in all continents and has tripled its revenue in less than 3 years. The next plan is for the company to IPO which is an exciting prospect for the CEO and the management team who have all benefited from the challenge on a personal and financial level.

Client Statement

“We decided to work with MSC Headhunting to fill this very senior role because we required extensive international experience. The Headhunting project was very thorough, professional and on time. MSC Headhunters have now been our preferred Headhunting Partner for over 7 years.”

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