uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

Learn More About How Headhunting Works?

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Headhunting Work?

What is Headhunting?

Headhunting is a method of sourcing, locating and attracting specific individuals that meet a particular job requirement. Headhunters are able to persuade and interest people who are happy in their current role with a competitor to consider an alternative opportunity. Headhunted candidates are high achievers with industry knowledge and the ability to add value to a new role immediately.

What is Retained Headhunting?

Retained Headhunting is the method favoured by leading companies to recruit high calibre senior staff. An exclusively Retained Headhunting organisation is commissioned to complete the project and they work until the assignment is complete. They will charge a portion of the fee in advance to ensure the client is committed to the process and to cover initial extensive research.

Retained headhunting provides:

– Client confidentiality
– Candidate commitment and trust
– Client and candidates time and cost

What is Contingency Recruitment?

Contingency recruitment is the traditional ‘no win, no fee’ approach. Nowadays, contingency services are used as a method of budget database recruitment. Basically providing CV’s of unhappy underachievers who are actively looking for a career move. In our experience contingency recruitment doesn’t provide commitment from either the client or candidates. Any executive search company that lists job posts is working on contingency and not retained. Alternatively the retained service sources the finest candidates from the competition who cannot be reached any other way.

Problems with contingency recruitment:

– Minimal commitment from client
– Time & money lost reviewing CV’s of non-relevant candidates
– No guarantee the role(s) will be filled

What are the benefits of Retained Headhunting?

The benefits of Retained Headhunting focus on the experience, quality, speed, confidentiality, professionalism and targeted approach of in-depth research and analysis. At MSC we are highly experienced and so can ensure a smooth process and commitment to fulfil the project efficiently and quickly. The MSC Retained Service is 100% guaranteed. Furthermore our Retained Service attracts a higher calibre of candidate that can only be sourced through this method.

What is the MSC 100% guarantee?

MSC provides a 100% guarantee to fill any vacancy we accept through the MSC Retained Service in a pre-agreed time frame. This guarantee continues until a suitable candidate is selected. In the unlikely event of a placed candidate leaving within 12-months (6-months for non-board-level staff), MSC guarantee to find a suitable replacement, free of charge.

In which countries does MSC Headhunting operate?

MSC Headhunting has offices located in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Our teams provide our clients with multilingual support covering all global regions.

We can find anyone anywhere!

Why do clients return to MSC?

Clients return to MSC Headhunting because of the dedicated proactive service provided. We never let our clients down and work meticulously on all projects. Our teams work in accordance with clients’ time zones so that we can be available at your convenience. To date MSC have always delivered every project on time and with the highest calibre of shortlisted candidates provided.

Contact MSC Headhunting

MSC Headhunting UK Office
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United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0)1565 757 877

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