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uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

Technology Headhunters Case Study

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Vice President EMEA Sales – Anti Spam / Email Security Solution Europe

Case Study

After being urgently contacted by the VP of HR at a world-leading email security company we quickly realised their requirement was mission critical. The client required a shortlist in 2 weeks and the role was very specific – VP of Sales for the EMEA region. It was going to be our most challenging assignment yet! MSC did guarantee to deliver within a fortnight but it meant that the project team would need to work long hours to manage the different time zones and weekends to ensure we could speak out of hours to the candidates. Confidentiality was also going to be a key issue as all candidates that were approached needed to sign a specially prepared NDA that the client’s Lawyers had prepared, rather than our standard agreement. We then realised why details about the post and company were so secret.

Throughout the process we gave updates to the client every two days rather than the usual weekly reports so the client could keep abreast of our progress. The project team contacted over 70 prospective candidates from the IT security market in EMEA including executives from anti-virus, anti-spam, encryption, defence, cyber-security, firewall and security testing and services companies to name but a few. Following speedy planning and successful face to face meetings we were able to deliver an exceptional shortlist of the world’s best IT security, sales, EMEA VP’s within the 2 week guaranteed time frame. The client seemed surprised and impressed that we had made the deadline and they quickly interviewed and selected their preferred candidates. Now they could announce their IPO plans with a full set of key management in place.

Client Statement

“MSC Headhunting delivered a superior service never experienced through our traditional recruitment methods. Retaining MSC Headhunters was crucial for the company’s overall plan, perfect timing and partnership.”

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