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Maritime Headhunters Case Study

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Managing Director – Hong Kong

Case Study

A well known International Marine Consultancy were looking to hire an experienced Managing Director to set up their new Hong Kong office. The company had a US and several European offices and a well established client base that required services in the Far East. The core business focused on marine and engineering consultancy, warranty surveyors, claims disputes and legal services to shipping organisations around the world.

After meeting with the CEO and discussing the role in detail it was clear that MSC had the experience to deliver this project. Having worked with International Port Authorities, shipping companies, marine surveyors, river and marine terminals, Insurance companies and Executives running shipyards we were able to give the client the confidence that we would be able to find the best people for this position.

MSC began by mapping the worldwide market and identifying suitable individuals already working successfully within the marine consultancy market as well as global maritime transport companies, maritime surveyors and related engineering firms. Over 150 candidates were approached and the best of these were screened by telephone and then via video conferencing. Finally the top 10 individuals were interviewed around the world by the MSC Director who was managing the entire project, internal consulting and research teams. A shortlist of 5 most suitable and experienced individuals was presented to the client along with a report explaining why they were being recommended.

The client quickly began interviewing the shortlist and soon identified a preferred individual who they sent made an offer to. Following a well negotiated and reduced notice period he began working in his new role and setting up the firms Hong Kong office. Using his existing network and with the help of MSC he was able to hire an effective sales and support team that soon ensured the company were successful in the Far East.

Client Statement

“We were quickly provided with a very credible short list including well-prepared and enthusiastic candidate reports. During the recruitment process MSC keeps very close to candidates and their counsel on approach/issue handling is spot on. I would always consider MSC for senior executive searches aimed at high calibre development potential individuals. There integrity is very high indeed, to the point that they will challenge clients’ thinking, although always in an appropriate way. Above all MSC’s enthusiasm has always made me feel that my company’s reputation was enhanced when they dealt with people on our behalf.”

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