uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

uk headhunters deutschland headhunters netherlands headhunters

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With over 20 years Healthcare Headhunting experience

Medical And Healthcare Headhunters

The recent government figures demonstrate how today’s UK healthcare industry continues to be a vital part of this country’s economy. Throughout the UK, there is a synchronicity of public hospitals (National Health Service), private non-profit hospitals and private for-profit hospitals. Total healthcare expenditure in the UK accounted for around 10% of gross domestic product (GDP). However, with effective management so crucial to the NHS in a time of budget constraints, there is a demand for highly skilled healthcare individuals.

The healthcare sector requires the highest level of professionalism. MSC Headhunters ensures that quality is a priority and that all the candidates we put forward to you are of the highest calibre. Our intricate and highly detailed selection process ensures that our healthcare candidates are fully qualified and match your company’s requirements. Having discussed in detail the needs of our clients, MSC then search for the most suitable candidates within your market and we ensure they fit the culture and become integral members of your company’s team.

We work with a wide range of healthcare clients across the globe in public and private organisations, covering the following:

Drug Discovery & Development
Pharmaceutical Production
Pharmaceutical Software
Medical Devices
Mobility Solutions
Medical Technologies
Medical Engineering
Dental Health solutions

As we continually research client needs and develop our services we are constantly striving to provide the best headhunting services to you. In an ever-changing environment we ensure our pro-active and responsive approach to the healthcare sector provides the highest quality candidates. Our executive search team maintains regular communications with our clients and healthcare candidates so that we are fully informed of client requirements and as a result, seek out the most suitable healthcare candidate for that role.

Our capacity to handle all retained projects relating to these sectors comes from the work we have done over the years with a great number of UK and international companies.

To understand how our headhunting services have helped UK and international healthcare organisations, we have provided some case studies below.

Health Economy

We have headhunted key individuals for a significant number of private businesses and government organisations. Some typical roles we have headhunted for include:

Managing Director
Chief Executive
Finance Director
Director of Public Health
Head of Safeguarding
Director of Audit and Regulation
Head of External Affairs
Head of Clinical Practice
Pharmaceutical Manager
Marketing Manager

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MSC Headhunting has a proven track record of delivering successful appointments in a wide range of medical companies across the globe. Our success stems from sourcing and persuading the very best people to work for our clients. Candidates and clients trust MSC Headhunters because we deliver more than we promise. That’s why clients across Europe and the globe always return to us as you can see from our portfolio of customers and their references.