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Learn More About Our Headhunting Fees For Retained Recruitment

We place the right candidates in the right role for all our clients

Our Headhunting Fee Structure

The MSC Headhunting fee structure is standard within the Executive Search industry. However our fee’s are bespoke and tailored to each retained project, and are calculated by considering candidate seniority, amount of vacancies and the urgency to fill the role or roles. We strongly advise that you compare us to other well known headhunting firms before making your decision. Not all headhunters offer guarantees or project delivery/ completion deadlines within a contractually binding agreement.

We have been working with a significant number of start-ups through to large international corporations across the world delivering exceptional candidates for their confidential senior vacancies. Our established commitment and trustworthiness have helped us build long-term relationships and repeat business assignments.

We continually achieve success by placing the right people in the right roles.  Our headhunting process delivers a shortlist of screened and appropriately experienced candidates.  Furthermore our services also include behavioural profiling for each role to ensure our shortlisted candidates best fit your organisation.

The MSC Headhunting fee structure is set out in three stages.

First Stage Retainer Fee

One Third (1/3) of the total fee is due on commencement of assignment.

Second Stage Retainer Fee

One Third (1/3) of the total fee is payable on presentation of a shortlist.

Final Stage Retainer Fee

One Third (1/3) of the total fee is due on the candidates appointment.

We Provide A Comprehensive And Guaranteed Service

Global Headhunters

Our dynamic and enthusiastic team of international consultants have provided the very best international headhunting services to our clients for over 24 years.

Retained Headhunting Service

MSC Headhunters have the skill, experience and reputation worldwide to deliver high calibre Directors, Managers and VP’s for innovative companies.

Global Clients

At MSC we work closely with our clients on every project, be it big or small, and we pride ourselves on relationships with each and every one.