29 Sep, 2011

Are You Secure In Your Current Job

29 Sep, 2011

More than a fifth (22%) of Londoners do not feel secure in their current job, according to a large-scale research project by LondonlovesJobs.com . Additionally, nearly a third (32%) of Londoners are concerned they will be made redundant in the next 12 months indicating the effects of the recession are still being strongly felt.

The research, which polled more than 760 business leaders and 900 other Londoners* was conducted by ComRes on behalf of LondonlovesJobs.com in July this year.

Interestingly, despite common perceptions around the importance of job title, the survey also reveals that nearly half (44%) of respondents felt that job title is unimportant when hunting for their next role. Enjoyment of the job and, unsurprisingly, salary were the most important factors for job seekers with 98% and 97% of people selecting these respectively.

The survey also reveals that 10% of job seekers in London claim that benefits and holiday are not important factors for them when looking for a new job.

Yvonne Smyth, Director at Hays, comments: “There is undoubtedly concern about job security in some quarters, but there is also cause for optimism. We have seen an increase in job registrations and increased demand from clients across London for professionals with niche skills. Job seekers are looking for fulfilment across a number of criteria when considering a new position and whilst title is one of them, it is simply one of a number of factors to consider such as reward, progression, personal and professional development and organisational culture.”

Katie Leaver, Sales Director at LondonlovesJobs.com, comments: “The results are pretty stark and reveal there is still a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty amongst the workforce. In terms of the factors of importance to job seekers, the 10% that don’t feel pay and benefits are important really should reconsider as these are such a key part of anyone’s package at work.”

Credit: onrec.com