04 May, 2023

Assembling your Dream team with expert help from Executive Headhunters

04 May, 2023

If you’re looking to build the perfect team of industry-leading professionals, choosing to partner with executive headhunters can be a very effective strategy. Recruitment can be a notoriously expensive and  labour-intensive process. By choosing to engage with the services of executive headhunters, you gain from their experience and knowledge, to put it simply; it’s their job and they are likely to be more effective at it than you are, plus they can identify and recruit high quality candidates in a shorter period of time.  

In addition to evaluating a candidate’s experience and technical abilities, executive headhunters will also consider the cultural fit between candidate and recruiter. At MSC, we spend the time necessary to develop the perfect strategy for locating and securing the perfect executive-level positions for your business. We’ll discuss your specific needs with your ideal candidate and convey to them the many ways in which they’ll benefit by choosing to work for you instead of one of your competitors. No matter what size your business or organisation is, or where you are in the world, we will quickly and efficiently fill your vacant executive level position.

We employ high-quality screening and evaluation processes and have access to a vast global network. Furthermore, our candidates are guaranteed to remain in their role for between 6-12 months. We are also committed to meeting your deadlines, so if you have an urgent vacancy that must be filled within a set period of time, that’s not a problem for us, we can assess qualified candidates in a period of just two weeks, filtering out unsuitable candidates early in the process.

At MSC, we collaborate with our partners worldwide, across multiple sectors. You can place your trust in us to go the extra mile, and that’s backed up with our retained client guarantee.

We specialise in headhunting for executives in the following sectors:

  • Energy + Renewables,
  • Technology
  • Oil and Gas
  • Maritime
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Media,
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retail

When it comes to executive level headhunting, confidentiality is crucial. When searching for the best candidates, headhunters sometimes reach out to employees who may not wish that their current employer is aware they are considering a career change. MSC treats confidentiality and security extremely seriously, in short, we are discrete. By maintaining confidentiality we can also ensure that no type of data ever gets into the wrong hands.

At MSC, we do not rely on candidate databases to find suitable candidates for our clients, instead we conduct targeted searches which engage with the very best talent in your industry. We take into account a large range of factors specific to your organisation, such as your budget, your largest competitors, and your working culture.

Enlisting the services of a leading executive headhunter can also provide you with new capabilities, including the ability to communicate with candidates in languages you can’t speak. With our extensive knowledge and large customer base, we have earned the trust and confidence of clients around the world. 

MSC has what it takes to help you form the very best team in 2023.