07 Sep, 2012

Jobseekers in British

07 Sep, 2012

A good salary tops the list of criteria British jobseekers look for in a new role according to new research from Gumtree.com*.  Salary is the most important consideration when looking for a position for more than a third (35 per cent) of jobseekers prioritising it over career prospects – suggesting short term gains are becoming more important than long term prospects in today’s job market.

The research demonstrated that salary is particularly important for men, with nearly half (45 per cent) stating that earnings are their top consideration.  By contrast, women are most likely to look for a job that will further their career (39 per cent) and offer good long-term prospects.  Just a quarter of females (25 per cent) rated salary as the most important aspect of a job.

The research also suggests that British workers are increasingly focusing on their career at the expense of other areas of their life.  A quarter (27 per cent) of men said that it was most important that their job fits around their lifestyle, and 37 per cent of women echoed this – placing it behind ‘career’ (39 per cent) when it comes to priorities.

Industry plays a big part in dictating priorities. Admin workers, IT professionals, and those in finance are shown to be the most money-focused.  Those who work in HR, teaching and media are most likely to favour a job that will further their careers.  However, jobseekers in retail, marketing, the beauty industry, and the public sector are more likely to choose a career based on how it will fit around their lifestyle.

Age also affects job qualities valued by jobseekers.  Nearly a third (31 per cent) of people between the ages of 25-34 cite salary as the most important factor, rising to 45 per cent for those between the age of 35-44, and 65 per cent for those aged over 55. Conversely, the importance of a job that furthers a career falls sharply with age and is prioritised by just six per cent over the age of 55.

Matt Gregory, Head of Recruitment and Classified Sales at Gumtree.com says: “It’s perhaps a sign of the times that salary is currently so key for many UK jobseekers.  We’d encourage all recruiters to think carefully about what sort of person they would like to employ and then tailor their package accordingly.”

Credit: onrec.com