20 Feb, 2013

Dedicated apprenticeship

20 Feb, 2013

After calls for the standardisation of training across the recruitment sector, March 1st will bring a benchmark for the industry with the introduction of its first dedicated apprenticeship. The apprenticeship has already gained the support of recruitment expert and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw James Caan, who believes a standard level of training will drive the industry forward.

Although apprentices are already employed within the recruitment sector, the new dedicated apprenticeship will ensure learners focus on the skills and knowledge right for their role. This includes assessing candidates, coaching and supporting them, building relationships with clients and understanding how to effectively market job roles.

Previously, more generic skills such as business administration and sales have been undertaken, which don’t necessarily fit in with the requirements of a recruitment consultant’s job role.

This first sector specific apprenticeship is being backed by a unique partnership made up of industry body Institute of Recruiters (IOR), awarding body Skillsfirst Awards and training provider Expedient Training Consultancy. The three organisations have joined forces to promote the benefits of the new apprenticeship, as well as offering training and certification for learners.

The partners are anticipating that the new qualification will lead to a number of advancements within the sector.

As Azmat Mohammed, IOR’s Director General explains: “Not only will this dedicated apprenticeship ensure that new recruitment consultants are properly trained for their roles, but we are also hoping that it will reduce staff turnover within the industry. Research has shown that when new employees feel fully equipped and trained to carry out their job to a high standard, their motivation and commitment to their employer increases.”

James Caan who heads the Institute of Recruiters (IOR) expert panel, adds: “For Britain to have a nationally recognised recruitment qualification for the first time is great news for our industry.  A recruitment apprenticeship will have a positive impact on both job creation and the UK economy.  I commend the Institute of Recruiters (IOR) for working with stakeholders to achieve this and believe it will be a great success.”

As well as benefiting the recruitment sector, it is also hoped that better trained recruitment consultants will have an impact on the wider economy. Training employees to a higher level will ensure they have the correct skills and knowledge to more successfully match candidates with suitable job vacancies. This will become increasingly important as the UK moves out of the recession and the jobs market becomes more buoyant.

The three partnering organisations will be delivering a seminar on the new apprenticeship at the Recruitment Agency Expo at London Olympia on 27 February.

For learners that undertake the apprenticeship through Expedient Training Consultancy, they will have access to the IOR’s advanced learning and training materials, as well as free full membership of the IOR and access to James Caan’s ‘Ask the Expert’ mentoring team to get advice and support.