06 Apr, 2023

Effective Headhunting Strategies for Companies in the U.S.

06 Apr, 2023

Our aim here is to explore the most effective recruitment processes for companies in the U.S. who wish to find and secure the best talent out there. Here are some of the most popular strategies that are used by medium-to-large scale employers across all the main industries:

Job Listings – The conventional approach. Advertising positions on LinkedIn, Twitter and other relevant online jobs boards can help to find potential candidates. If the role that needs to be filled is particularly niche, or requires very specific qualifications and skills, then this method can help businesses to find suitable candidates. The downside of relying on job listings is that many of the best candidates aren’t using them because they are’t actively searching for a new job. 

Referrals – Employee referrals can be a good strategy for headhunting, and companies often provide incentives to employees for referring suitable candidates. An over reliance on referrals however can restrict  the size and depth of the pool that companies are drawing from.

Direct Contact – Headhunters can directly contact individuals who are currently employed in similar roles, potentially with rival firms. Discretion is very important here though, so always be sure to use professional networks and direct emails / personal phones. We recommend commissioning a professional headhunter as they will be well skilled in the art of cold approaches. 

Networking – Travelling to industry events, connecting with partners and communicating with industry leaders can open new avenues and opportunities. This can be an effective means of connecting with new groups, to draw on otherwise unknown talent pools. This can however take time and focus away from your businesses, so once again the use of a professional headhunter might be more cost-effective. 

Professional Headhunters – Executive search firms who are experts at offering headhunting for companies in the U.S. offer the best chance of onboarding the most suitable candidates. As well as employing many of the tactics listed above, executive search firms also engage with creative means of finding and attracting leading talent. Professional headhunters take time to establish the role that needs to be filled and the type of candidate most suitable to fill it. Throughout the recruitment process the headhunting company will work closely with their client to ensure that all of their needs and requirements are met. Additionally, they offer regular updates on the progress of the search and work to address any concerns or challenges that arise. They can also access extensive networks which are either unknown or unavailable to those outside of their profession. 

The professional approach 

The process adapted by specialist executive search firms who headhunt for companies in the U.S. includes the following steps:

  1. Analysis of the role: Initially a professional headhunter will establish a clear understanding of the role, along with the necessary skills, qualifications and experience level required.
  2. Candidate search: Once the analysis stage is finished, a recruitment company can then source potential candidates. This stage will likely incorporate a range of methods simultaneously, as listed above, but may vary depending on the specific job vacancy.
  3. Candidate screening: Recruitment companies can carefully screen candidates on behalf of their client. This might include reviewing resumes, reading cover letters and arranging interviews.
  4. The interview stage: Next, recruitment companies can conduct interviews, again on behalf of their client, feeding back progress reports.
  5. Checking references: One popular service offered by recruitment companies is that of reference checking. This includes carefully scrutiny of a potential candidate’s employment history, their qualifications, and potentially personality traits.
  6. Negotiate salary & onboarding : After the client, or recruitment agency, has selected the chosen candidate, negotiation of contract terms and salary can then commence.

In summary, U.S. companies headhunting for specialist, or high-level roles have much to gain from partnering with a trusted recruitment company.