15 May, 2023

How Energy And Renewable Headhunters Can Help You Find The Best Hybrid Leaders

15 May, 2023

The energy and renewable sector is changing, with companies transitioning to a hybrid work environment. This increases the need for retained energy and renewable headhunters, who can help you find A-star talent for your company with the ability to successfully navigate a modern work environment.

Hybrid work is here for the long haul. Over 70% of companies have already implemented a hybrid model, which has increased flexibility among its workers – but also brought with it a few new challenges, including dispersed team members and the need for workable communication structures. 

In this article, we examine the leadership essentials for hybrid work that energy and renewable headhunters always look for when identifying your next leader. 

Hybrid Leadership Defined

Hybrid working models became the norm during the global pandemic – and for many the new normal has stayed for good. 

In 2023, employees are on the lookout for flexible working models that allow them to work remotely and virtually at least half the time. This necessitates a leader who can tackle the unique challenges presented by a hybrid office.

A successful hybrid leader is able to manage their team members in the office and in virtual spaces, creating unity and harmony across projects. They’re able to ensure that deadlines are met, projects flow smoothly, team spirit remains high, and employees are productive wherever they’re working.

Hybrid leaders possess a wide range of attributes that help them grow a company and manage a workforce despite the number of challenges they face, including loss of focus among their team members, lack of trust and undefined workplace culture.

Leadership Essentials for Hybrid Work Environments

Ability to Create a Sense of Belonging 

When team members work virtually, it can be hard to create a sense of belonging – especially when they see that other team members work together from the office on a daily basis. They can easily start to feel left out. 

It’s fundamental that your whole team feels as though they belong at your company, even if they work virtually and have only ever interacted with their teammates via video calls and other communication apps. 

A hybrid leader brings everyone together, boosting morale and making sure that each team member feels valued and needed.

Encourage Innovation 

It has been shown time and time again that the most successful companies in the world are the companies that innovate. They generate fresh, new ideas and approaches and find ways to do things better than their competitors.

Your hybrid leader must be able to create a safe working environment for your team so that each team member feels confident enough to share their ideas. They should be encouraged to speak up, to be positive and to never feel as though they’ll be demeaned or belittled even if their thoughts aren’t accepted or taken on board. 

Communicate Efficiently 

Communication is key to the success of any company in the energy and renewables sector – and hybrid leaders need to know how to communicate efficiently and effectively with each team member. 

This is naturally harder to do in a remote workspace, but a great leader quickly ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to communication methods, tools and apps. They are able to capture the right balance between urgent issues and less-urgent topics so that team members aren’t disrupted during non-working hours unless there’s a very good reason. 

A hybrid leader also checks in on their team regularly, asking for updates and feedback, and stays dialed in to ongoing projects. This keeps everyone in the loop and maintains morale. 

They also have a fluid communication style that enables them to demonstrate empathy with everyone in different situations. This also helps to build trust so that, if someone is struggling and wants to raise an issue, they’re able to do so with confidence. 

Compassion and Empathy 

Leadership is evolving. What we are now seeing is a more humanistic era that encourages people to speak up about their mental well-being in the workplace. This goes for traditional working models, and it especially goes for hybrid working models.

Energy and renewable headhunters can help you find leaders who are compassionate and empathetic towards their team members. This enables them to offer support to employees who are struggling.

This is essential to avoiding employee burnout and low morale, which in turn only leads to a decrease in overall productivity. 

Help Their Teams Learn & Grow 

There can be a bit of a disconnect among hybrid teams simply because the team is often working remotely. Not only can this disconnect be social, but it can also be felt in terms of up-skilling. 

What does this mean? 

It means that it can be harder for people to find the motivation to branch out when it comes to their skills. On the flip side, driven, motivated employees will always look for ways to level up their skills – and this is something the best hybrid leaders are able to help with.

When you have a leader who is skilled in helping their team level up, you’ll be blessed with a team that’s more involved in your company. This reduces turnover and empowers your company as a whole. 

Help Their Team Improve Their Network

One of the biggest benefits of everyone working together in the same office space is that everyone (mostly) has access to everyone. When someone new starts, they have the opportunity to meet people from different departments and build their network in the company quickly. 

With hybrid teams, building a network is a lot harder. An effective hybrid leader must be able to help ease new employees into the process and give them access to different connections in the business. Support should be provided as they get to grips with their new role and they should be given the assistance they need when they need it. 

How Energy And Renewable Headhunters Can Help You Find Your Next Leader

Finding a top-grade leader who can manage hybrid teams isn’t easy. The best leaders are already established in their position and will be reluctant to move to a new company unless everything falls into place. 

Retained energy and renewable headhunters are here to help. They do all the hard work for you when it comes to quickly identifying and attracting the right leader to fill your strategic roles.  

This means that not only do you get access to a hybrid leader who can tackle head-on the unique challenges they’re faced with in 2023, it also means you’ll save time, energy and resources because you don’t need to go through a vigorous recruitment process yourself.