21 Jun, 2013

How To Act When a Recruiter Calls

21 Jun, 2013

Recruiters, also known as Headhunters, are people designated by businesses to find new potential employees. These Headhunters can contact you in a variety of ways: calls, emails, meetings, career fairs and more. When a recruiter calls you on the phone, it is important that you treat the call as a job interview. Essentially, the recruiter is calling you to find out if you’re a qualified candidate for a job interview with a certain company. There are several things you must keep in mind as you talk with Headhunters on the phone. Having a great conversation with these people is a great way to open the doors for many opportunities.

When a recruiter calls, the first thing you want to do is relax. Your nerves will definitely travel from your voice through the phone, and the recruiter will hear how nervous you sound. Act as if you are talking to someone you know and trust, but at the same time, keep in mind that this call could lead to some huge opportunities for you. Remain calm, and do your best to maintain your confidence. Even though there’s a lot of pressure on you right now, you can’t let it overcome you. Think about a goalkeeper in a football game. The goalkeeper who remains confident and collected will succeed, and you will too, on your call with the recruiter.

Answer the questions that the recruiters ask directly and thoroughly. Don’t go off on tangents and derail the conversation. Give the exact amount of detail necessary to answer each question, and no more or less than what is required. Be brief and to the point, unless you’re asked to elaborate or explain something in great detail. Be prepared to answer questions about your resume, your job experiences, education, special knowledge or skills, accomplishments, hobbies, interests and more. Your ability to clearly state who you are and what you’re about are vital, especially in a phone interview, where you don’t have the luxury of physically seeing the person you’re talking to.

Show your interest in what the recruiter is talking about. Keep an enthusiastic tone when answering the recruiter’s questions and when asking questions of your own. Ask meaningful questions about the company or the job itself. When you ask questions directly related to the job or company, it shows that you are truly interested in what the recruiter is saying, and that you are looking for more information. You are much more likely to get an actual interview with the company if the recruiter tells them that you were interesting on the phone.

Talking on the phone with headhunters can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, but it can be a great experience. You might be able to set yourself up with some amazing opportunities if you’re able to handle yourself well on the phone with the Headhunters. If you talk in a straightforward manner, stay calm and show interest in what the headhunters are saying, you could be well on your way to getting hired for an amazing job.

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