29 Apr, 2013

Lack of support from bosses

29 Apr, 2013

Lack of support from managers is a key contributor to employee’s disengagement in the workplace, a Webrecruit poll has revealed.

The poll, taken by 257 respondents, asked ‘what was the biggest thing that affects your motivation at work?’

30% of survey respondents attributed their lack of motivation to little or no support from their boss. This was closely followed by 28% of respondents who said job satisfaction affected their productivity levels at work.

18% of respondents felt their motivation at work is affected by a lack of recognition. 12% attributed it to the attitude of their colleagues, and 11% said work/life balance.

Phil Roebuck, Founder of Webrecruit, said: ‘The impact managers have on the morale of their staff is incredibly important. If they do not actively engage with their employees or they have a habit of consistently engaging on a negative level, the work environment will naturally be disconnected and less productive.

‘Particularly when companies are concerned about turnover, if employees can see and feel that they matter, it will radiate through their performance and result in a more productive and retained workforce’

Whilst it’s little or no surprise that one’s attitude towards work is impacted by feelings about their boss, these findings reinforce the importance of engaging a happier workforce if you want your business to be a success.
Credit: onrec.com