16 May, 2013

ONS employment figures

16 May, 2013

Commenting on employment figures released yesterday by the Office for National Statistics which show employment levels have dropped and that there has been a rise in the number of unemployed people, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s Head of Policy Kate Shoesmith said:

“Despite the numbers today, recruiters are telling us that they are seeing employer confidence returning, illustrated for instance by the hiring process starting to speed up and decisions about taking people on being made more quickly. We remain optimistic that there will be growth in the jobs market in 2013.

“Mark Hoban is right to acknowledge the growing number of vacancies out there. The emerging challenge that we have is that those people who are out of work, especially the long-term unemployed, don’t have the skills and experience necessary to take advantage of the jobs that are available.”
Credit: rec.uk.com