19 Mar, 2012

REC comment on latest unemployment figures

19 Mar, 2012

Unemployment figures are up today by another 28,000 in the three months up until January but are still being recorded as 2.67 million people who are now out of work, according to the latest Office for National Statistics data.

Commenting on the latest numbers, Kevin Green, the REC’s Chief Executive said:
“Unemployment is continuing to creep up but the rate of increase is slowing down. Hopefully, this is a sign that unemployment is starting to bottom out.

“It is also encouraging to note that the private sector created 45, 000 new jobs and public sector lost only 34,000 which means that actual employment has increased by 9,000. This fits with the REC/KPMG Report on Jobs which showed growth in permanent placements reaching a nine month high and is continuing to prove an excellent predictor of what is happening in the jobs market. Today’s data also ties in with the more upbeat feedback from recruitment professionals on the ground and with recent reports of increasing employer confidence.

“Employment remains a major concern and today’s figures confirm that extra measures are needed to kick-start the UK labour market. There are still 2.67 million reasons to ensure that jobs and growth are at the heart of the Budget next week.”

Credit: onrec.com