25 Feb, 2013

Regulations consultation Conduct

25 Feb, 2013

Earlier this month the REC held a webinar to gauge member opinion on the Conduct Regulations consultation being carried out by the Department for Business Industry and Skills (BIS) which closes on 11th April 2013.

Members took part in a live survey and expressed strong opinions on of the following issues that the REC will be clearly report in a formal response to the government:

Reasonableness test for fees: 87% of members said that maintaining current provisions would be preferable to a reasonableness test that was feared would create huge uncertainty.

Enforcement: 94% of members believed that the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EAS) should be retained rather than simply relying on employment tribunals.

Umbrella companies: 97% stated that new legislation should cover intermediaries such as umbrella organisations and VMS providers.

Commenting on this feedback, Tom Hadley, REC Director of Policy & Professional Services says:

“We have a real opportunity to reshape our regulatory landscape. However, we will need to stand firm on some of the more unhelpful proposals that risk adding complexity and bureaucracy rather than cutting red tape. Recent meetings and webinars have confirmed that we have a strong and united voice and that recruiters are up for the fight.”
Credit: rec.uk.com