26 Sep, 2022

Sourcing Specialist Executive Headhunters for your Key Positions

26 Sep, 2022

Executive Headhunters can be an instrumental tool for helping businesses and organisations assemble industry-leading teams. Recruitment can be incredibly labour intensive, diverting key resources and focus away from the core of a business. Therefore, the most cost-effective course of action is to employ executive headhunters to search for, and attract, the most suitable candidates on your behalf, because after all, that’s what they’re experts at doing.

What Executive Headhunters bring to the table:

Specialist recruitment consultants have the knowledge and experience of specialist industries to target candidates who are potentially not even actively seeking new employment. Reputable providers will take the time necessary to understand your business, culture and the exact nature of the recruitment role that you have a vacancy for. Additional services from the best recruitment specialists include; 

  • Multilingual support
  • Work within your stated timeframe 
  • Interviewing candidates on your behalf
  • Full client and candidate confidentiality
  • Comprehensive candidate background checks
  • A guarantee that candidates remain in their role for a minimum period of time

The all important Interview stage

The interviewing stage is a vital opportunity to establish if a candidate is a good cultural fit, and that’s no easy task. What a candidate says under interview can be very misleading, and all-too-often individuals give unwittingly false accounts of who they are and where they feel they belong. Dedicated executive headhunters know just which questions to ask, and how to ask them. They are experts at extrapolating the information they need in order to determine if a candidate is suitable for a specific role, their aim is to identify and attract the highest achievers to your business within a low risk environment.

Specialist recruitment help can prove invaluable no matter the size of your business or organisation. With the resources to employ high quality screening and evaluation processes, they are much more efficient at finding and evaluating potential employees than only a small-to-medium sized business can ever hope to be. And for the largest businesses, executive headhunters have the specialist skills, abilities and strategies to find staff in similar roles that may not even have been considering a career move before being approached. 

Understanding what it is that you do

Whilst the aim of businesses is to sign-up the best candidates, those who have the most relevant experience and the highest qualifications for the role, recruiters can be guilty of underselling what it is they offer in return. If you wish to hire (and retain) the very best candidates, you need to let them know exactly what they can gain by choosing to work for you. 

The first task undertaken by any reputable headhunter who’s worth their salt is to establish exactly who you are and what you do, so they know exactly how best to sell you.

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