26 Oct, 2022

Sourcing Specialist Headhunters to help fill key positions

26 Oct, 2022

Specialist roles demand specialist personnel with the specific industry experience, proven results, and skill sets to match them. Such staff can be hard to track down, and even where they can be found, they often are not actively searching for a new position, in which case they aren’t looking at jobs listings.

So then, the question is; how to find and attract the very best of the best, the people that you need on your team right now to help your business level-up? – The answer is; with the help of a dedicated Headhunter!

The Role of Headhunters

Headhunting is best left to industry professionals who spend their time searching for, and engaging with, the best prospective employees to fill specific vacancies. The advantages of choosing such specialist help can be summarised into the following key categories:

Increased Efficiency – A headhunter knows exactly where to look for the ideal candidate. They often employ unconventional tactics when engaging with prospective candidates and can use their extensive experience to zero-in on the best personnel for a given position

Reduce the likelihood of making a costly mistake – Choosing the wrong candidate can be expensive. Firstly there’s the time spent on a relationship that’s going nowhere that could have been better invested in someone else who is there for the duration. Then there’s the wider costs associated with the disruption and instability of changing team members. It’s always the best policy with staff to make the best choice possible, the very first time round. 

Support from a valued partner – By employing the help of a Headhunter, you gain new capabilities such as the ability to speak to potential candidates in languages other than those you currently speak. They are also able to conduct background checks on individuals, filtering-out those unsuitable at an early stage.

A Guarantee – Many headhunters and recruiters are able to offer some form of guarantee that a client will remain in their position for a pre-set period of time. This can be incredibly helpful if, for example, you require specialist help for a particular project with a limited timeframe. A guarantee means you can be more confident that a solution has been secured.  

What to look for when choosing your Headhunter

There are some important factors to consider when you begin to look for Headhunters. If you can, try to establish the following criteria before you pay any money or agree to a contract of some form:

  • Confidentiality – How credible are assertions of confidentiality?
  • The Process – Does your provisional Headhunter have a targeted approach and do they conduct in-depth research and analysis?
  • Speed – How quickly can they get to work?

Once you’ve asked these questions and are reassured by the answers, you can be relatively confident that your search for a Headhunter is over.

If you require any help or advice regarding any aspect of specialist / executive headhunting, you can speak directly to the highly experienced team at MSC Headhunting today.