08 May, 2013

Sponsorship Opportunities

08 May, 2013

Graduate Prospects is launching a new awards initiative to recognise and reward businesses and universities that demonstrate excellence and innovation in the postgraduate arena.

The Prospects Postgraduate Awards will be the only annual event solely dedicated to celebrating the most exciting developments in postgraduate education.

There are eight categories, covering campaigns, agencies and businesses, including an award for employers of postgraduate students: the Best Business Partner Award celebrates successful collaborations between employers and institutions to ensure postgraduate courses meet the needs of business.

The call for entries opens at the end of May and the presentation ceremony will take place in November. Graduate Prospects is currently working with organisations that have an interest in postgraduate education to get involved. There are a range of sponsorship opportunities available for those looking to strengthen their position and relationships in the field.

Graduate Prospects is the UK’s leading postgraduate education publisher and prospects.ac.uk houses the official postgraduate course database. It has become first choice for postgraduate advertisers, and students and graduates seeking further study information.

Mike Hill, chief executive of Graduate Prospects said: “We’ve had ten years success in running the National Council for Work Experience Awards and hold a leading position in the postgraduate market, so this is a natural step for us to take. The introduction of higher tuition fees has heightened the debate surrounding the quality and career benefits of postgraduate study. These awards will work to ensure that high standards in the provision of postgraduate education are upheld.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the Prospects Postgraduate Awards as a sponsor or partner or if you would like to find out more visit www.postgraduateawards.co.uk or follow us @postgradawards – Credit: onrec.com