09 Nov, 2022

The case for utilising International Headhunters

09 Nov, 2022

As a Senior Executive you’re undoubtedly a very busy person – You have enough on your plate making the big decisions and ensuring that your teams are implementing them correctly. Therefore, if you must find a candidate to fill a critical vacancy, it’s understandable that you may have some reservations as to how much time and resources you can dedicate to such a task. 

Don’t worry, you’re far from being alone with these concerns and that’s why today, the option of employing dedicated International Headhunters to aid you in your task of locating and securing top-tier candidates is such a widely chosen one.

The benefits of turning to International Headhunters for expert help are considerable. We’ll outline the most valuable advantages here for you:

Working to your deadlines

If you find yourself in a position where you require high-caliber staff at a moment’s notice, recruitment headhunters can prove invaluable. They can hit the ground running with access to established channels of communication. Because they are experts at assessing experience and candidate suitability, they can do-away with much of the back and forth that is so symptomatic of the recruitment process. 

What all this means in practice is that International Headhunters can present shortlists of high quality candidates for very specific roles in as little as two weeks. And because they can typically be contacted 24/7, they are always available for updates as well as expert advice and guidance regarding all aspects of the recruitment process.

Regional experts

The very best International Headhunters are multilingual specialists with well established networks. It takes experience of a given region to know where the best candidates are to be found, and it may require use of a  language that you’re not experienced in order to approach them. Big industries including Technology, Oil and Gas, Maritime, Manufacturing and Marketing are renowned for having diverse teams as they understand the best talent is rarely all found in the same location. With the help of International Headhunters you can massively increase the scope of your recruitment drive, affording you the best chance of finding the very best candidates. 

Backed up by guarantees

So sure are they that reputable headhunters can find the best candidates for you, they often offer a range of guarantees for their work. Guarantees can include the full screening of all candidates and that candidates will stay in their role for a minimum period of time (for example, 6-12 months). This means that if staff were to leave for some reason during that period, the recruitment provider will locate and hire an equally suitable candidate as a replacement, for no additional fee.

If you have been persuaded by any of the benefits stated above, you should reach out to a specialist headhunter and find out how they can help with your next recruitment drive. MSC Headhunters are one such specialist that can help you source the very best international candidates for high profile positions in your company.