27 Oct, 2011

The secret of organisational success

27 Oct, 2011

Organisations can achieve greater success by meeting the seven fundamental needs of employees, according to a new book by Jack Wiley, Ph.D., and Brenda Kowske, Ph.D, titled “RESPECT: Delivering Results by Giving Employees what They Really Want.”

A world authority on the factors that motivate employees and how they perceive their work, Jack Wiley is executive director of the Kenexa High Performance Institute, a division of Kenexa (NASDAQ: KNXA). Over the past 30 years, he has surveyed over 200,000 employees around the world. His conclusion is that there are seven things that employees really want from their managers and their organisations.

Dr. Wiley has summarised the seven wants of employees in the acronym R.E.S.P.E.C.T., which stands for: Recognition, Exciting work, Security of employment, Pay, Education and career growth, Conditions and Truth.

“These seven fundamental needs are the same across different countries, different industries and different job roles,” said Wiley. “The real story from our research, however, is the impact on engagement, productivity, customer service and the bottom line when organisations meet these needs. Their employee engagement level is 117 percent higher; their operational performance is 64 percent higher; their customer satisfaction level is significantly greater and their ‘return on assets’ is up to ten times higher.”

Featuring real-world examples, the book provides practical actions to help managers, executives and HR practitioners to meet the seven needs. It also provides diagnostics to help assess an organisation’s areas of vulnerability.

Credit: onrec.com