01 Aug, 2016

Think Your MBA is Your Ticket to Freedom? Think Again

01 Aug, 2016

Have you just graduated from business school, armed with your MBA and ready to attack the job market?

First of all, congratulations!

Second, take a seat and consider your current situation. While having an MBA is a great asset, and definitely opens up both exciting career opportunities, and your mind, it does not necessarily mean instant employability in today’s business world.

If you want to take the job market by storm, then you need to keep in mind these 6 quick tips sourced from recruitment specialists, corporate employers and headhunters:

1. Your attitude
Are you humble? Do you have a “can-do” attitude? What image are you projecting?

2. Offering something different
While an MBA is a fantastic asset, do you bring something different to the table, such as being able to market and sell products or services online?

3. Building your experience
Employers are still red hot for candidates with real life work experience– regardless of whether it’s paid or as a volunteer, so make sure to showcase everything you have done.

4. The power of personalization
While today might seem like the era of templates, your application letters are not the place to automate. It’s important to show the real you.

5. Impact of Social Media
Are your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles helping or hurting you? Make sure that you control your online presence.

6. Big Data
Data analytics are an increasing part of the game – are you up to date?

The real work comes AFTER graduation. If you are interested in how you can put yourself in the best position to find your next exciting opportunity, you can read the full article here: