12 Jan, 2012

UK graduates and International Competition

12 Jan, 2012

On Monday the 16th of January Brightest Minds will be delivering ‘Launch your career in…Banking and Finance’ a career insight and networking event for students looking to enter this competitive industry sector.

This event comes as the growing concern amongst graduate employers and industry bodies continues to intensify over the lacklustre approach of UK candidates to the graduate market. This is in stark comparison to their international counterparts and as a response leading graduate employers are urging candidates to develop ‘global employability skills’.

The demand for graduates to adopt a more global outlook has been highlighted by the Association of Graduate Recruiters’ recent research into the core competencies of global graduates.

The leading graduate employers that participated in the research (who between them recruit more than 3,500 graduates each year) cited multicultural collaboration as the most important competency they looked for in potential candidates.

In response to the research Carl Gilleard, Chief Executive of the AGR commented that “there needs to be a collaborative effort to facilitate opportunities for industry to introduce the idea of global business activity as early as possible”.

Brightest Minds identifies the need for global graduates to exhibit a diverse range of skills and this event will look to encourage development in many of the AGR’s key competencies. The 35 screened and specifically invited students will take part in a series of business coaching sessions focussing on communication, the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence – with a clear emphasis on providing students with ‘global employability skills’.

A series of presentations from leading industry figures as well as a panel discussion and networking session will give further insight into opportunities across the banking and finance sector, as well as providing students with an opportunity to employ these sought after skills.

Brightest Minds refutes the assertion that UK graduates lack a ‘get-up-and-go’ approach to finding graduate opportunities. Those who form part of the Brightest Minds network gain access to exclusive events and coaching sessions such as this, which look to equip them with the global employability skills employers are prioritising amongst candidate competencies. Brightest Minds invests heavily in nurturing the graduates involved in their network and events such as this illustrate the quality of candidate clients can expect to encounter.