17 Aug, 2011

UK Graduates

17 Aug, 2011

WikiJob founder Ed Mellett is hopeful that graduate employment will return to pre-recession levels following the announcements by several Times Top 100 graduate employers that they will be taking on increased numbers of graduate recruits over the coming years.

“Recent announcements by some of the UK’s leading employers of increased numbers of places on graduate recruitment schemes has come as very pleasing news,” said Mellett.

“Among notable employers, KPMG has announced they will be recruiting 75,000 graduates worldwide over the next three years.

This 25% increase of graduate jobs to KPMG is testament to a return to boom times and pre-recession graduate recruitment,” he said.

Pre-recession graduate jobs gave candidates the opportunities to work internationally with many global corporations, as well as the chance to work alongside many talented and experienced professionals. The latest news is a sign that these prosperous times are returning and graduates will again have these amazing opportunities.

As well as increased vacancies in the finance and IT sectors, the retail sector is also seeing a boom, with Morrisons and Tesco expanding their graduate places to 1000 and 450 respectively over the next two years.

“With the more vacancies available to graduates, the competition for top talent will become a fierce race amongst companies worldwide.

“This latest news will add heat to the graduate recruitment battle for the best,” Mellett said.

Credit: onrec.com