22 Sep, 2015

UK IT sector

22 Sep, 2015

Research on IT contractor recruitment from temporary labour specialist Comensura has shown that although recruiters claim that overall availability of temporary IT professionals and contractors is high most are still finding it a challenge to fill certain specialist roles.

Typically it is niche, specialist skills sets that are proving most difficult to find in the IT sector, with front-end IT roles currently attracting more candidates than back-end specialist roles. And, Tech Partnerships Employer Insights: skills survey 2015, suggests that one of the main reasons for the skills gap is lack of training for these harder to fill roles.

Comensura researched the UK’s leading specialist recruitment agencies and found that although they are seeing more IT professionals now seeking temporary roles, there’s a particular lack of candidate availability in the following areas:

Over 40% of recruiters struggle to fill IT development roles
More than 38% admit that IT security candidates are difficult to find
25% of recruiters claim there is a lack of IT architecture specialists

Over 77% of recruiters agree that overall demand for temporary IT professionals will rise by at least 10% by next year and they will need to find innovative ways to address the skills gap as demand for certain roles increases against a lack of demand.
Credit: onrec.com