27 Dec, 2022

Searching for specialist talent? – Turn to Oil & Gas Headhunters

27 Dec, 2022

There are certain, typically high-skilled, rapidly-developing sectors, where recruitment can be very difficult, because essentially there’s not enough talent to go round. The Oil & Gas industry is one such example where filling high level vacancies is notoriously difficult.

An employee’s market

A small talent pool can be the result of many things, including;

  • Lack of experience because a role is so specialist.
  • A perceived low salary for a role, making it an unattractive career option   
  • An unwillingness by employees to switch employment (due to career progression, benefits, etc)
  • Lack of awareness in that niche if such roles even exist in the first place.

So what’s the answer to such issues? With regards to the oil and gas industry, it may take years for new talent to filter-through, so the best option in the short-to-medium turn is to approach a specialist Oil & Gas Headhunter, one who has what it takes to source available talent, wherever it may be found. They are able to analyse market trends and target areas where the very best of the best work, and they can do so quickly and efficiently. 

What you have to offer

Of course, finding the right candidate for a position is only half the battle, the next challenge is to convince them that the role is a perfect fit for them. Once again, specialist Oil & Gas Headhunters know how to highlight opportunities, working practices, benefits, etc, which means they are best placed to sell a role and then tempt them into the interview room.

And speaking of interviews, Oil & Gas Headhunters can conduct interviews on behalf of the employer too, assessing candidates for highly skilled Oil & Gas positions in the following sectors;

  • Marine
  • Subsea
  • Pipeline
  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream
  • Deepwater Drilling
  • Service and Supply
  • Technology Applications
  • Oil Production (onshore & offshore)

More and more employers are taking advantage of specialist recruitment services as they come to fully appreciate the value that they offer.

Bespoke solutions

Candidates are individuals of course, and no two businesses are ever exactly the same, therefore a one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment wouldn’t make much sense at all. The size of a company, its culture, its location, and its drives and ambitions all coalesce in the melting pot. A specialist Oil & Gas Headhunter will spend the necessary time and resources on research and analysis, trying to match a candidate with a specific role. 

Specialist recruiters are typically paid a proportion of the basic salary of the role in question. The best Oil & Gas Headhunters will offer a guarantee that any candidate they find will remain in their position for a minimum period of time. This guarantee is doubly advantages to the employer, in that the employer has reassurance that the position will be filled for the short-to-medium term, and therefore, because the headhunter has a strong incentive to do so, they are more likely to find a high quality candidate that’s more likely to stay in their position.