27 Dec, 2022

How German Headhunters can help transform your workforce

27 Dec, 2022

The beginning of a New Year is often the time when companies take stock of where they’re at and look forwards to where they want to be this time next year. There are, of course, many different methods of driving change, but one very effective strategy is evolving workforces and bolstering teams. The individuals whom we work with are ultimately responsible for the shared success of any business, so therefore it’s incredibly important that only the very best candidates are chosen and added to existing teams.

If you’re looking to strengthen your work force in the New Year, now is the time to consider approaching a dedicated service provider who can help with all areas of your recruitment. German Headhunters can help companies search for the highest quality German candidates to fill practically any vacancy, no matter how niche and / or specialist the position. 

German Headhunters can be invaluable for businesses who don’t speak German, but that are seeking to hire German professionals. Specialist Headhunters have the language skills and regional knowledge to be able to approach German professionals and propose employment opportunities and accurately represent the employer.

No stone left unturned

German Headhunters have experience in many different sectors and industries, from support roles, through to executive positions. They will take the time necessary to establish where the best candidates can be found, and which skills and experience they need to possess. Expert recruiters are thorough, working through a raft of processes in order to find the very best candidate for the job.

Value for money

Many factors can influence the precise cost of German Headhunters services, but the typical fee can be upwards of 20% of the basic salary of the filled vacancy (for contingency recruitment, at an executive level). Location, job role, length of contract and level of guarantee will all have an impact on the cost of recruitment. It is worth pointing out that contingency recruitment service providers often turn to online databases for their candidates, which can result in less targeted recruitment, and therefore potentially poorer quality candidates.

For retained recruitment, which is more in-depth and requires more work from German Headhunting services, the fee rises from 20%, to perhaps 40% of the basic salary. 

Whatever works for you

The case for outsourcing recruitment to a specialist German Headhunter is a compelling one. Companies run the risk of exhausting valuable resources on recruitment activities and processes they can ill afford to. Time and focus are often much better spent on core business activities, rather than by attempting to juggle the often exhausting role of recruitment in an inexperienced manner. 

Professional recruiters know the process of recruitment inside out, it’s their job to do so after all. So perhaps a better question than; ‘why would you choose a headhunter for your recruitment’? – Would be; ’Why on earth wouldn’t you’!?