27 Dec, 2022

Why you should seek Executive Headhunters to help fill critical vacancies

27 Dec, 2022

Executive Headhunters have a pivotal role to play in seeking, approaching, and securing the very best executive-level talent. The role of any recruiter is a specialist one which requires key skills and abilities. In this piece we sing the praises of dedicated Executive Headhunters who have what it takes to fill leading positions in the following industries;

  • Oil & Gas
  • Maritime
  • I.T
  • Healthcare
  • Energy & Renewable
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Marketing
  • Media


Key, high-level positions require specialist personnel who really do have both the abilities, and the level of experience, that is listed on their C.V. Executive Headhunters don’t rely on data banks with outdated information, instead they proactively seek personnel, going directly to them. How do they know where to find them you ask? The specialist headhunter has detailed knowledge of the industry in question, and is prepared to put in the work to research the best sources of personnel.

It’s often the case that, seemingly content with their lot, such individuals aren’t actively searching for new roles, and so would never present themselves as candidates for advertised positions. Lastly, when prospecting, Executive Headhunters don’t limit themselves to their own geographic location and are more than willing to go to where the talent is, wherever in the world that might be.

The approach

Once they’ve used their skills and experience to track down the best candidates for a given role, Executive Headhunters are also best placed to approach them. They know how to champion the employer in question, selling the candidate as to why they should seriously consider the proposed position. One significant benefit of professional headhunters is that they offer multilingual support, which means that if a candidate is of a different nationality, they can speak directly to them in their native tongue.

The negotiation

So, they’ve used their talents to prospect and approach a candidate, what other services can Executive Headhunters offer? If required of them to, headhunters can conduct interviews on behalf of the employer too. Interviewing is an art all-unto-itself, one best left to those who have the experience to do so, particularly so if the advertised position is at executive level. And they don’t stop there… Executive Headhunters can also negotiate a new contract and working conditions with a candidate too. When you add all of these abilities together, you can begin to see that headhunters actually offer incredibly high value for money.

The fee

With the position filled and the perfect candidate all lined up to start work in their new role, all that’s left is to compensate the headhunter. Payment generally amounts to between 25-40 percent of the basic wage of the new recruit. For this fee the employer will receive some form of guarantee, typically this will state that the employee will remain in their new position for a set amount of time.

So there you have it, all the key reasons as to why savvy employers turn to Executive Headhunters for recruitment.