25 Jan, 2023

The value offerings of Oil & Gas Headhunters in Russia

25 Jan, 2023

As we transition into 2023 there looks to be little sign of demand for oil and gas abating. Through a very economically turbulent 2022, prices for oil and gas rose steeply as demand increased and supply became ever more restricted. More recently, the industry has adjusted by implementing creative solutions in an effort to shore-up stability. 

This turbulence in the energy sector, coupled with global uncertainty amidst rising inflation, means that recruitment within the oil and gas sectors is highly competitive. As we are all aware, Russia is a huge exporter of oil and gas products, and so any companies that are seeking personnel for specialist roles within the industry should explore the option of employing the services of oil and gas headhunters in Russia. 

Your overseas partner & regional expert

Specialist oil and gas headhunters in Russia have the regional expertise, connections, and experience to know where to find the very best candidates for highly demanding roles within the oil and gas sectors. Multilingual skills and regional knowledge are very hard to acquire in a short space of time, but dedicated headhunters which offer oil and gas headhunter services in Russia can hit the ground running, locating, conversing with, and evaluating suitable personnel for your position in as little as two weeks. 

The advantages and benefits that oil and gas headhunters in Russia can offer include;

  • Full client / candidate confidentiality, so any current employer is not made aware of your intentions.
  • Comprehensive candidate background checks to filter-out unsuitable personnel at an early stage.
  • The ability to target high value candidates who are not currently actively looking for a new employer.
  • The option to interview candidates on your behalf, wherever they are located.
  • A guarantee that candidates remain in their position for a minimum period of time
  • Work to your timeframe, securing candidates by set dates.

A customer focused, fully tailored service 

Specialist oil and gas headhunters will take whatever time is necessary to fully understand the prospective employer, their culture, and the specific role that is being proposed. It is this approach that stands the best chance of matching a candidate with a role, leading to the most successful outcome for all concerned. After all, a bad pairing of employer and employee can have huge ramifications, particularly when recruiting abroad.

What to expect from your recruitment drive

If you decide to employ the services of oil and gas headhunters in Russia, depending on the package of support you go for, you can either receive a shortlist of carefully curated, high quality candidates for your vacant position in as little as two weeks. Alternatively, you may choose for your headhunter to handle the whole recruitment process for you, that’s everything, including interviewing and preparing the new recruit to sign a new contact with you.