25 Jan, 2023

Recruitment Headhunting in China

25 Jan, 2023

There are many reasons why companies and organisations choose to look towards China when seeking professionals for senior positions and highly skilled roles. Headhunting in China is an incredibly effective option which can significantly increase the likelihood of finding a successful candidate. Recruitment headhunters typically work on commission, taking between 20%-30% of the basic salary of the hired candidate. For their commission fee, dedicated Headhunters in China have a lot to offer businesses of all sizes.

Access to a vast international network

Chinese recruitment agencies and headhunters develop extensive networks which incorporate influential industry leaders and in-demand highly skilled individuals. This affords them a level of access that’s simply unachievable from those based outside of Asia. What this means in practice is that headhunters in China can quickly establish a dialogue with potential candidates who might not otherwise be looking for new work. By spending time to establish what it is you have to offer, dedicated headhunters are well-practiced at selling positions, enticing individuals and attracting them to your proposition. 

Save precious resources

Headhunters in China are able to carefully screen-out unsuitable candidates as they are highly experienced in spotting the tell-tale warning signs that all may not be as it first appears. They can conduct background checks too to make sure a candidate’s credentials stand up to further scrutiny. It’s easy to understate how valuable this ability is, but just imagine for a moment a scenario whereby you hire a Chinese professional, sight-unseen, for a key role that is pivotal to your success going forward. Shortly after they relocate and begin in their new role, it quickly becomes apparent to all concerned that this individual is not well matched to the role, and / or to your wider business culture. In such circumstances it’s rarely the case that you can just turn around to the individual in question and state; ‘thanks – but no thanks’. There’s now a whole situation to resolve, and meanwhile the role that you were recruiting for remains unfulfilled. 

With the help of dedicated headhunters in China by your side, you get to remove much of the guesswork, it’s somewhat analogous to turning up to a casino with loaded dice, with the odds of things working out being now much more in your favour!

A fresh talent pool to draw from

China is well known for its world-leading IT and banking sectors, as many businesses, both the UK and the US, look to China for cues as to where certain industries are headed and the global cities of Shanghai and Beijing play host to countless business trips. 

Specialist recruiters act as agents on your behalf to ensure that you find the perfect candidate for your role. With 24/7 help and support across multiple time zones, why not take the guesswork out of your recruitment and reach for specialist Headhunters in China to fulfill all of your recruitment needs?