25 Jan, 2023

Leveraging the power of executive Headhunters in the Netherlands

25 Jan, 2023

Strategically placed in the heart of the EU, the Netherlands is home to the EU’s fifth-largest economy. Due to its prosperity and openness to trade the Netherlands enjoys very healthy foreign trade relations. With such well established industrial and trade links, relatively low unemployment, and low inflation, the country is a prime location for investment and is a reliable source of highly skilled professionals. 

Data from www.netherlandsandyou.nl list the top business sectors / industries in the Netherlands as:

  • Agri-food
  • Information technology
  • Chemicals
  • High-tech systems and materials (HTSM)
  • Life sciences and health
  • Creative industries
  • Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Logistics

Recruiting in the sectors / industries listed above is highly competitive and so to locate, attract, and retain the best talent, you may need to adapt your approach. Why limit your reach to the local area, county, or even country, when the very best person for the key executive position you have is unlikely to be close to you?

Of course, the further away prospective personnel are, the harder it is to reach and engage with them. Therefore, if high quality executive-level professionals are to be found in the Netherlands, for example, then it simply makes sense to turn to the expert help of executive Headhunters in the Netherlands. With recruitment help already based in the area you are looking to recruit from, you gain benefits such as;

  • Native speakers, which means no language barrier to overcome 
  • Preexisting knowledge of the best sources for personnel, which mean less work researching
  • Hit the ground running with your recruitment drive, individuals can be approached instantly
  • No logistical headaches arranging interviews and scheduling calls. Let your recruiter handle that for you

Recruitment success guaranteed

Executive Headhunters in the Netherlands can offer guarantees that a successful candidate will remain in their position for a minimum pre-determined period of time. So, if for whatever reason, they leave their post within the first six months of their employment (for example), you are compensated for this. Compensation usually takes the form of a refund, or partial refund of the fee paid to the headhunter who sourced the candidate. This guarantee means you can have faith in your recruiter, knowing that they have confidence in the candidate, and that the role will likely be filled for some time to come. 

Guaranteed executive search timeframe

Executive Headhunters in the Netherlands can work to your timeframe. If you have a role that needs to be filled before a key date, they’ll work closely with you to ensure that that happens. They are accustomed to rapid processing of CVS and are incredibly efficient at screening potential candidates. If required, your executive-level vacancy can be filled in as little as two weeks.

If you have executive level positions that need to be filled, you can speak directly to the highly experienced team at MSC Headhunting right now about any aspect of recruiting from the Netherlands.