25 Jan, 2023

A new approach to recruitment with the help of Headhunters in Germany

25 Jan, 2023

It’s a game that virtually all companies and organisations are constantly playing, how to find, attract, and hire the best skilled professionals out there. Because if you don’t hire them, then your competitors will of course – which effectively means doubly losing out! 

Getting creative

If you’ve not done so yet, consider looking at Germany for skilled professionals that have the experience and skill sets you need to help you and your teams deliver the results you’re looking for this year. Get ahead of the competition by teaming-up with leading Headhunters in Germany. Specialist headhunters are already operating in the area you’re looking at recruiting from. 

Headhunters in Germany typically offer two recruitment options; contingency recruitment and retained recruitment. Contingency recruitment is an entry-level service which leans more on databases for their recruitment data and can cost around 20% to 25% of the basic salary of the eventual secured position. Contingency recruitment is a viable option if you need to fill a non-executive level role quickly, however, its less likely to secure the very best in the business. Potential candidates with the greatest level of experience, proven track record, and extensive skill sets are often harder to find… 

Retained recruitment is a significant step up in quality from contingency recruitment, going to greater lengths in the pursuit of the best candidates by employing a range of advanced techniques and strategies to track down, woo, and secure leading professionals. You can expect to pay a fee of somewhere in the region of 20-40% of the basic salary of the successful candidate for retained recruitment services. This fee is typically only paid once a candidate has been chosen and is in position and there are often guarantees offered which compensate the premature termination of a contract.   

The value of a diverse workforce

By employing key personnel with different backgrounds and countries of origin, your business or organisation can more accurately reflect a wider customer base. International team members can also help revitalise and incentivise existing team members, giving new insights and fresh perspectives. Any candidate willing to relocate to fill a position is also likely to be highly focussed on a successful outcome, as they are unlikely to have made such a big decision to relocate on a mere whim.

A shared goal

Headhunters in Germany are able to adapt their services to suit your needs. Because they typically only get their fee after they’ve secured successful candidates, they share the same goals as their employer. International headhunters take the time necessary to ascertain exactly who it is you’re looking for and what exactly it is that your wider business or organisation does.

In short, if it’s highly trained German professionals that you’re looking for, choose to partner with expert Headhunters in Germany .