21 Mar, 2023

The winning strategy for targeted recruitment in the UAE

21 Mar, 2023

For businesses looking towards the United Arab Emirates for their recruitment, the value that comes from partnering with executive search firms or dedicated Headhunters in the UAE becomes immediately evident as soon as they begin to seriously consider the initiative.

Dedicated Headhunters in the UAE specialise in identifying and recruiting the very best candidates for typically high-level roles within organisations. Strategies that they employ begin with searching for the right candidate for the position.

Identifying the right candidates

Headhunters use a variety of methods to identify potential candidates for the positions they are recruiting for. These methods often include networking, referrals, and targeted advertising. The best Headhunters in the UAE don’t rely on job listings on the Internet, which are often riddled with outdated information about potential job-seekers.

Assessing selected candidates

Once the potential candidates have been shortlisted, Headhunters in the UAE carefully evaluate them to determine if they have the relevant skills, experience, and qualifications required to meet the needs of the specific role, plus the needs of the company looking to recruit. This process usually includes conducting interviews, reviewing resumes and checking references, and all of these activities can be done by Headhunters in the UAE on behalf of the employer.

Selling the opportunity

Headhunters in the UAE must be skilled at selling positions to candidates, partially in cases where the candidate has been approached cold (ie; they weren’t actively looking for a new position at the time). Headhunters will take the time to sell all the benefits of the position, the achievements of their new employer, together with incentives as to why they would want to switch employees at this point in time, plus potential growth opportunities for them in the future.

Sealing the deal

Headhunters in the UAE can negotiate salaries and benefits, if the employer requests for them to do so. They may also be involved with the transition process and organising logistical issues such as supplying paperwork, signing official documents and arranging transportation. Headhunters can help to build long-term relationships between employers and employees.

Whether or not your business or organisation requires the services of a specialist headhunter will be determined by your specific needs. You may, for example, have previously engaged in headhunting activities but failed to find the right candidate. Alternatively, if you’re based in the US but are looking to recruit from the UAE, then language might be a barrier you have to overcome. In both these cases the experience and skill that dedicated Headhunters in the UAE can bring to the table will likely prove invaluable.

MSC Headhunters can help you recruit from the UAE with specialist recruiters that are able to source, assess and retain the very best candidates for your position and help to build a lasting relationship. Recruit more effectively with MSC Headhunters.