14 Jun, 2013

Vacancies up

14 Jun, 2013

Numbers of permanent and temporary roles advertised during the end of quarter one were significantly up according to data from Adecco.

The figures show that the Banking and Insurance sector was the key benefactor, with an impressive 32% rise in advertised vacancies. Sales (+25%) and Marketing, Advertising and PR (+20%) also saw dramatic increases.

Whilst the start of 2013 saw a considerable drop in available roles, possibly due to a rebalance following new budgets, the big jump from March to April can be explained by the end of the financial year enabling companies to assess whether they have the budget for more staff. The resulting increase in vacancies indicates a very healthy job market.

Vacancies in the IT sector showed the lowest pick-up with just a 5% increase in advertised vacancies. The fact that increases occurred across all industries is however a hugely positive sign for the job market as a whole.

These figures are based on Adecco’s data and provide a snapshot of the job market across the country.
Credit: onrec.com